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What is an Anal Douche & How to Use an Anal Douche

What is an Anal Douche?

What is an Anal Douche?

An anal douche is a device used to rinse the rectum typically in advance of anal play either solo or with a partner.

What is an Anal Douche Used for?

Many people are reluctant to try anal sex due to a fear of some mess emerging and spoiling a solo session or sex with a partner. This is a genuine concern but certainly not one that you need let get in the way of your anal play. As per our ultimate guide to anal sex it is wise to eat lightly on a day that you intend to have anal sex and try to empty your bowels well in advance. For most people, these measures alone are plenty to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable and clean anal session.

However, if you want that added peace of mind that you are sparkling clean down there before your anal play, a douche is worth considering.

When to Use an Anal Douche?

Obviously you want to use the douche in advance of your anal play but don’t let it to the last minute. Ideally, try to use the douche around an hour before play begins. The reason for this is to ensure all water has successfully left your body before you start to play. Sometimes there can be a little lag time between when you insert the water and it leaves your rectum so give yourself time to ensure it’s all out.

How to use an Anal Douche

The good news is that using an anal douche couldn’t be more simple.

How to use an Anal Douche

As the water dispels from the rectum it rinses as it goes leaving the anus area squeaky clean

Find Somewhere Private

As with any anal activity, lube is your best friend here and we recommend an anal lube which will typically have a thicker consistency than a regular lube. Find somewhere nice and private where you won’t be disturbed - the bathroom is usually a good spot.

Fill the Douche with Lukewarm Water

Now that you are alone, fill up the base of the douche by compressing it with your hand, then submerging in water before allowing it to decompress and suck in water as it does. A nice lukewarm comfortable temperature is ideal.

Lube, Lube and More Lube!

Next apply some lube to your anus and even loosen up the rectum by gently inserting the tip of your finger. The rectum should be nice and loose and lubed at this point and so you are ready to begin douching

Insert the Water

Gently insert the tip of the douche into your anus and squeeze the base to push some water into your rectum. Take your time inserting the water and remember that you do not need to insert it all. Insert as much as feels comfortable and no more.

Insert the Water

Dispel the Water

Now you play the waiting game! Imagine that you are taking a poo and clench which will have the effect of dispelling the water from your anus cleansing you as it leaves your body. Typically it is worth repeating this two to three times to ensure you are squeaky clean and ready for action! That’s it - you are now an anal douche expert!

Clean Up Time

As with any sex toy, hygiene is always of paramount importance. Be sure to give the tip of the douche a good clean using hot, soapy water and if possible some anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner so that it is ready to go for next time.

How Often Should I Use an Anal Douche?

With douching, less really is more. Remember that you certainly do not need to douche before every anal session and in fact douching too often is not recommended as you can wash away some of the naturally occurring useful bacteria within your rectum. Ideally keep douching for special occasions no more frequently than once or twice per month. With some simple precautions, you can enjoy douche free anal sex play.

So now you know all you need to douche with the best of them, go forth and enjoy the best damn anal play of your life!

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