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What Are Penis Sleeves?

Penis sleeves, as the name suggests, are sleeves typically made from latex or rubber that slip on over the penis to add extra girth and or length. Penis sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some even vibrate to effectively turn the penis into a vibrator.

What Are Penis Sleeves Used For?

Penis Sleeves Uses

Men use penis sleeves to give them a little extra oomph in the trouser department. Some sleeves are open at the top so just give extra girth and often have nodules to give the receiver even more pleasure. Penis sleeves are not just for men who feel their penises aren’t big enough to give their partner the pleasure they desire but also are used just to mix things up and add extra spice in the bedroom! Even well endowed men may enjoy using a penis sleeve to kink things up a notch!

Is a Penis Sleeve the Same as a Penis Extender?

Many penis sleeves come in the shape of a hollow dildo and so have the effect of extending the penis at the tip. However, typically when someone talks about a penis extender, they are referring to a medical device that is designed to stretch the actual penis and not a penis sleeve.

Can a Penis Sleeve Be Used As A Condom?

No. Penis sleeves should not be used as a replacement for a condom. A condom should be worn as normal with the sleeve slid over it. Lube is a great help here to ensure no friction.

Do Penis Sleeves Reduce the Sensation of the Wearer?

Penis sleeves do have something of a numbing effect on the wearer, almost as if wearing a particularly thick condom. This makes climaxing while wearing the sleeve take longer. Some couples may start the session with the sleeve on thereby allowing the wearer to give the partner a right good seeing to and remove later on to allow the wearer more sensation - win / win!

So if you want to add a little length, girth or just mix things up a bit or all of the above, then check out our range of penis sleeves!