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What Are Love Eggs?

Love eggs are a type of sex toy that in the main will be egg shaped but some can be more of a bullet shape. Love eggs usually come with a remote control which can be wireless or with a wire/lead attached to the toy.

Types of Love Egg

The love egg is one of the most popular sex toys and is a great all-rounder in any collection. They can be used on many areas of the body and come in a number of different forms.
These are a fantastic choice especially if you want to have some fun with your partner. Check what range of distance your love egg has; some will have a longer wireless range than others. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used for erogenous zones like the clit’, the perineum, the anus or the nipples. Wireless eggs would generally have a looped lead of some sort attached to them to ensure you can easily retrieve them.
These types of love eggs come with a remote control but have a lead which connects the remote to the egg; this lead varies in length but in each individual love egg product description you will be given the lead length. With these types of love eggs it’s important that you keep the remote control out of water because sometimes the egg can be waterproof but the remote might not be but check each individual love egg specifications to confirm those finer points.
Dual love eggs come with two or more ‘eggs’ attached to the lead or wire. This allows you to use them simultaneously on your erogenous zones which can really heighten pleasure. Some of these eggs can come in varying sizes so you might have one small egg and a larger version. The smaller eggs are wonderful for stimulating areas such as the nipples.
Other love eggs come in fun shaped formats which also have extra function. The love egg in this image here doubles up as a G-spot stimulator on insertion and is quite phallic looking. Others come shaped like bunnies and the like and double up as clit’ stimulators for example.

Uses of Love Eggs & Pleasure

1 Use on your Clitoris & Labia
Hold the love egg against your labia and clitoris and manoeuver until you get it where you like it. If your love egg has different vibration modes, work through them to find one you like.
2 Have some Kinky Fun with your Partner
Wireless love eggs are wonderful for adding some kink to your sex life. Hand over the remote control to your partner and wear the discreet love egg in your underwear. Check the vibration levels and volume before hand; many love eggs have low vibration levels for this reason. He/she can tease you while you both are out and about! Imagine the hotness and desire you would feel if your partner buzzed you within climax while you are out for a romantic dinner! No one would be the wiser except both of you and you could safely slip off somewhere to finish the job together! Sounds enticing!
3 Use on the Nipples
There are some women who claim to have the ability to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone so why not give that a whirl using a small love egg. The sensation from the vibration on the nipple area will be pleasant in itself so it’s worth trying. Also, some men find the vibrational sensation on their nipples stimulating also so you guys should try it too!
4 Hand Over the Remote
In the bedroom as a couple you can incorporate the remote control love egg too! Even if it isn’t wireless, hand your partner the remote and let them tease the person lucky enough to have the egg. This fun can also of course be done in the bath but check each love egg to see if they’re waterproof as many love eggs will be waterproof but the remote might not be so be sure to check it to prevent damaging your toy! It would be wonderful for foreplay!
5 G-Spot Glory
Love eggs are wonderful for stimulating the g-spot and can really target the area with amazing results. A love egg such as this would be perfect!
6 Anal & Vaginal
Dual eggs are great for simultaneous stimulation. Insert one in the vaginal area and the other in the anal passage where there are many nerve endings just waiting to be stimulated! This is a great choice for solo play but use plenty lube on both the toys and the choice of stimulated area.

Like with most sex toys, you should always have a nice stock of lube to use with your love egg of choice. It will depend on the material that your love egg is made from but in general, water based lube will be fine. Lube will reduce any issues of friction on use and in general will make things a lot more comfortable. Also remember that while love eggs can be used on all the erogenous areas, you should always use a sex toy cleaner after you use the toy and before you use it on an another area; this most especially applies to using the toy on the anal area and then proceeding to use it on the vaginal area for example. In that case it is extremely important to use the sex toy cleaner.
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