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What Are Jiggle Balls?

Jiggle balls which are also known as Ben Wa balls, love balls, Kegel balls, burmese balls and geisha balls are a type of insertable vaginal tool which all carry out similar functions. Kegel balls tend to be of a larger size and often lighter than other jiggle ball options. Each ball contains smaller free-flowing balls which are free to roll around and as such give a feeling of life which adds to the stimulation.

Functions of Jiggle Balls

  • They help to work on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.
  • They can deliver pleasant sensation and arousal on insertion.

While the above are the main functions of jiggle balls, using them has some important knock on benefits, mainly due to the focus on the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

The Use of Jiggle Balls Has Knock-on Benefits

  • Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles means that the flow of urine can be more controlled.
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles can result in more intense orgasms.
  • A stronger pelvic floor means greater muscle support for the rectum and uterus.

Jiggle balls really came to prominence upon the release of the now legendary Fifty Shades of Grey series of books when the innocent and sexually naive protagonist, Anastasia Steele is introduced to the pleasure balls by the other main character, the mysterious Christian Grey.

He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two shiny silver balls linked with a thick black thread … Inside me! I gasp, and all the muscles deep in my belly clench. My inner goddess is doing the dance of the seven veils … Oh my … It’s a curious feeling. Once they’re inside me, I can’t really feel them—but then again I know they’re there … Oh my … I may have to keep these. They make me needy, needy for sex.

So we can tell from this excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey that Anastasia Steele clearly enjoyed the experience that her pleasure balls gave her and while this is a work of fiction, it’s a good indicator of how it feels to use the Kegel balls for the first time.

How Do Jiggle Balls Work?

The Female Pelvic Floor Area
The Female Pelvic Floor Area

These type of balls come in a number of different materials such as metal, plastic, latex, glass or silicone. In terms of size, they can be anything from the size of a marble to approximately an inch in diameter. Some have string or a loop attached but others don’t. Jiggle balls do their job i.e. stimulate the pelvic floor muscles (also called the PC muscles), because each “ball” contains another free-moving ball or weight inside; when the lady wearing them moves, so too does the ball that is inside the larger ball and this creates that curious, tingly feeling. Upon feeling this sensation, women are motioned or stimulated into moving their pelvic floor muscles which (a) means they’re doing valuable internal exercise and (b) the motions of the ball internally can be pleasant and even arousing.

Jiggle Balls Have a History!

The wonderful sex toy that is the Ben Wa ball actually goes back to approximately 500 A.D. to Japan where they were referred to as Rin No Tama balls. The Japanese are said to have used three metal balls, each containing mercury and linked together via a delicate silk thread; of course today mercury isn’t used for various environmental and legal reasons as well as the possibility of developing mercury poisoning. The Chinese were also said to enjoy the wonders of vaginally inserted “balls” and it’s thought that they used a hollow egg-shaped version made from ivory. It’s clear the jiggle ball has a history and an Eastern influence predominantly and today continue to be a hugely popular sex toy and pelvic floor muscle stimulator.

Jiggle Balls for Exercise

As we’ve outlined above, jiggle balls are a fantastic method if your goal is to strengthen up your pelvic floor be it to work on continence issues or to improve sexual sensation, or both. If you use the jiggle balls in conjunction with some consistent exercises (check out our extensive post on the whole area of Kegel exercises here), you’re likely to see some results and inevitably you’ll regain some confidence that you might have felt you lost, especially if your PC muscles aren’t what they were before.

How to Use Jiggle Balls

How to Use Jiggle Balls

Step One: Empty your bladder prior to use.

Step Two: Insert one ball at a time. If you’re using a larger ball set such as Kegel balls, apply some water based lube to the ball and your vaginal entrance. Take care how much you use as if you lube up too much, they will go in easier but they might also come out easier too. You should insert them as you would a tampon, so raise one leg or lean it against something higher. You could also try lying down which might be more relaxing.

Step Three: Once you have inserted the balls, firstly tense your leg muscles and then tense your pelvic floor muscles (if you’re unsure about how to do this, just think of how you would tense muscles to halt mid-urination).

Step Four: Once they are in, you can sit up or move around as you wish. If it is purely for exercise purposes, you should leave them in for at least 15 minutes a day and practice the PC muscle exercises. If pleasure is your goal, you can definitely leave them for longer periods but if, at any stage they begin to cause discomfort, you should remove them. They should always be removed prior to going to sleep.

Step Five: In terms of retrieval, most types of jiggle balls will have a loop or string in order to remove them easily. If your jiggle balls don’t have retrieval loops, you can extract them by squatting down or adding another application of lube which should easily free them.

Step Six: With any sex toy, it’s important to clean them after use as this will prevent the spread of bacteria and will also help to prolong the life of the toy. Jiggle balls without a string or loop will be slightly easier to clean than those variants that do have string. For the string variety, use warm soapy water in conjunction with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner applied directly onto the balls. Leave to dry fully before storing them away, preferably in a dedicated adult toy storage bag.

Tips for the Best Jiggle Ball Experience

Tips for the Best Jiggle Ball Experience

If your jiggle balls of choice have a loop attached to them, consider using your vibrator for added stimulation. Do this by holding the vibrator and placing it through the loop after you have inserted the balls. You’ll feel the sensations internally which should feel pretty good and you can choose to intensify the sensations depending on the power of your vibe! Obviously it’s probably best that you do this somewhere private!

Some people wonder about whether they can use jiggle balls during sex, and while it is physically possible, it’s not something that we recommend.

You should only use love balls in the vaginal area; it is not advisable to use them in the anal passage as it could end up being a dangerous medical issue. There are wonderful anal beads and other fun anal toys available for that type of play and it simply isn’t safe to use toys other than anal specific ones in the rectal passage.

If you are a beginner, your instinct might be to use or buy small jiggle or Ben Wa balls but it’s actually a better option to choose a larger, lighter ball as a beginner. Kegel balls are generally larger and are great to get you started on exercising the PC muscles. As you progress and gain strength in the area, you can move to smaller, weightier balls which will offer more of a challenge to keep them inside and help to heighten sensation even more.

While the sensation possibilities of jiggle balls are limited in comparison to an adult toy like a huge thrusting vibrator, they do have a clear function and an ability to arouse fabulous sensations. If you’re prone to wearing them out and about, there is a possibility that something like a bumpy bus journey could become a lot more interesting due to the knock-on impact on your internal jiggle balls!

Some women who have a low sex drive, find that by using jiggle balls, that they can arouse a hunger or desire for sex just due to the sensations they feel in their PC muscles. This might not work for everyone but it’s certainly something to try if a lower hunger for sex is an issue for you.

If you are an experienced pleasure balls user, you might like to try having anal sex while you have them inserted for added sensation during your play. It means that you will experience a unique and wider range of stimulation which is wonderful for those who crave a variety of thrills. You might see some chat online about people having vaginal sex while their jiggle balls are inserted but it’s not something that we recommend.

For lesbian play, how incredible would it be for one partner to be wearing a strapon as they penetrate their partner anally who has some Ben Wa balls inserted in their vagina? Or both partners could be using the balls; the thrusts through using the strapon would ensure that pleasure levels would be switched to the max!

An oral sex session could be amped up for hetero’ or lesbian couples to provide even more sensory pleasure. Why not insert some love balls prior to giving his penis some oral affection and your manoeuvres won’t just drive him crazy but they’ll also stimulate you internally. Or lie back with your love balls inserted as you bask in the glory of clitoral stimulation from your partner while also enjoying the arousing sensations from the love balls as they jiggle around your pelvic floor.