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Using a VibratorWhile Pregnant

Clitoral Stimulation Vibrators

The good news is that because of increased blood-flow to genitals and hormonal changes that happen while pregnant, climaxes can be even more intense than normal - yay! The vast majority of women have no issues whatsoever using a vibrator while pregnant for insertion, clitoral stimulation or both. However, there are a limited number of instances where penetrative vibrator use is not recommended and in some cases, doctors will advise pregnant ladies not to orgasm at all. In order to see which category you fall into, you must consult your doctor just to be totally sure everything is ok.

Sex Toy Cleaner

Assuming the doctor gives you the all clear, there are a few best practices that are worth keeping in mind, many of which apply even when not pregnant. The last thing you want when pregnant is any sort of vaginal infection so keeping your toy sparkling clean is strongly advised. Washing in hot soapy water is recommended here and perhaps once that is done, giving a spray of antibacterial sex toy cleaner is also a good idea to kill off any lingering bacteria. As always, it is never recommended to switch from anal to vaginal penetration without thoroughly cleaning the vibrator first as bacteria that is perfectly fine in your rectum can cause infection if introduced into your vagina. As well as cleaning the toy after use, it is also a good idea to have a quick shower if possible again to make sure you are killing off any bacteria.

Magic Wand Massagers

It’s also a good idea to stick to relatively shallow, gentle stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation when using your vibrator while pregnant. Clitoral stimulation alone is more than enough to have spectacular climaxes, for example using perhaps a magic wand massager. So just because you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean that the fun needs to stop! Just talk to your doctor, take some sensible precautions and the joy of being a mother to be can be accompanied with some amazing climaxes along the way!

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