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Vibrating Panties / Knickers & Vibrating Underwear

Vibrating panties are the ultimate in hands-free, discreet clitoral stimulation. Vibrating knickers are just like regular underwear except for one key difference! A mini vibrator sits in a pocket in the gusset of the panty which can be turned on and off by an equally discreet remote control. The vibration is totally silent so that the only person aware of what is going on in your panties will be you as you! The only question is how adventurous you are in the places that you will turn on your vibrating underwear! How about your next meeting at work, or perhaps liven up the next boring dinner party you go to or of course in the nightclub on the dancefloor! Below is our handpicked selection of vibrating panties - enjoy!

Explore New Levels of Pleasure with Carvaka’s Vibrating Panties & Vibrating Knickers Collection

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