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Skins Assorted Condoms 12 Pack

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Quick Overview

This is a convenient way to buy condoms while also still getting variety. Each 12 pack is made up of 4 x Natural Condoms, 4 x Dots & Ribs Condoms and 4 x Ultra Thin Condoms and so you can pick and choose what you wish to use. It’s also a great way to try to understand what type you (or your partner) favours the most. The combination that makes up this assorted pack are Skins most popular: the ultra thin range provide wonderfully heightened sensation due to their slim attributes while still giving the protection and strength in material that you want; the natural condoms are actually the same as other brand’s ultra thin selections so feel amazing and the dots and ribs condoms give fantastic stimulation to both the wearer and the partner.

Product Specification

Size Medium
Flavour Unflavoured
Condom Material Latex
Texture Dotted/Ribbed
Thickness Thin / Ultra-thin
Lubricated Yes
Spermicidal No
Sensation Dotted, Ribbed, Thin / Ultra Thin

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