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Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral & Nipple Sucking Vibrator – Next Generation

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Was: $81.55

Now: $58.78


Quick Overview

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral & Nipple Sucking Vibrator – Next Generation is a truly beautiful clit’ stimulator; with its rose gold colour and its sleek and sophisticated design, this stimulator will fit to the curves of your clitoral area perfectly. The stimulator’s cap which is applied to the clitoral area is made from a wonderfully soft medical silicone and so will feel amazing. Once you place the stimulator to the clitoral area, you can turn it on and on selection of your preferred program, it can work handsfree allowing you to relax and enjoy the intense sensations. Switching through the 11 varying programs is very easy to do until you find the one that suits you best. The vibrations from the Satisfyer Pro are unique and intense and the pulsations are certain to bring you to a climax like no other. This stunning clitoral stimulator is USB rechargeable; it is also waterproof so it can be safely used as part of water play and we recommend using some water based lube on the cap area. The cap area is easily removed for cleaning when required. Check out the full review below but one customer who bought the Satisfyer Pro 2 says “20 minutes plus has become 1 minute (seriously) and rather than masturbation being for when I have plenty of time to spend on myself (once or twice a week) it is now something I can and do whenever. So liberating and joyful.” That review says it all really...We all need a Satisfyer Pro 2 in our lives!

RRP: $4.18

Our Price: $2.92

Product Specification

SKU 12983
Brand Satisfyer
Colour Rose Gold
Full Length 6.75 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel ABS & Silicone
Waterproof Yes
Power Source USB Charging
Motion Sucking

Was: $81.55

Now: $58.78

Customer Reviews

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When I got the Satisfyer as a gift, I really didn’t know what to expect. I loved the rose gold colour and sleekness of the design and I personally like the fact that it doesn’t have an overtly “sex toy” look. The toy is meant to mimic a sucking action on the clitoris and I have to admit I was a little sceptical. However, I was determined to give it a go. It feels very comfortable in your hand and it’s very easy to use. I had no water based lube to hand but by building up the foreplay (on myself) it turned out that I didn’t need it. I used the Satisfyer initially on my nipples just to test the sensation of it and it was very pleasant so I was excited to move onto the main event! You’re meant to move back the labia to put the head of the toy against the clitoral area and this was really easy. The toy sits comfortably and you can go handsfree if you want. The result though was absolutely sensational and left me breathless; it had me climaxing in seconds, I actually couldn’t believe how good it felt and almost wished I hadn’t climaxed so quickly! So much so I had to use it all over again as I found it all so satisfyingly easy. I implore you to buy this toy; it’s an orgasm machine! My only worry is that I may become addicted!
Straight Female
Once I tried never going to stop using it!
etero Married Female
You know how its possible to make a fire by rubbing sticks for ages? So it was for me to get an orgasm (rubbing for ages). Then just as the match sorted out time wasted on lighting fires so has the delivery of my Satisfyer sorted my orgasm needs. 20 minutes plus has become 1 minute (seriously) and rather than masturbation being for when I have plenty of time to spend on myself (once or twice a week) it is now something I can and do do whenever. So liberating and joyful.
Well this was a package of delight! Got this delivered quickly and was v happy with the customer service received. Arrived in brown parcel, no hassle. I was getting concerned when I tried it for the first time last night, basically I found it difficult to know where to direct it but soon got into it. Not sure if it needs all 11 modes of vibration because I only used it on one and boy was it good. Enough said, get it.
This is my new best friend. Sublime orgasm. Thank u
Single Female
Got this for my lady and she’s delighted with it even though we were both taken aback with how loud it is... So do keep that in mind when buying if it is an issue for you. Loudness aside, the motions brought my lady to climax and she was very impressed with it so I think it’s definitely worth it.
In a Relationship Male
My gosh do I love the Satisfyer... I use it on my clit and on my nipples and I really adore it. It’s great that it’s both waterproof and rechargeable. The 11 programs are really varied so I can see myself getting extended use out of this. Be warned though, it is powerful, more than you’d think so take time getting used to it. I love the design too, it’s not too vibey looking if that makes sense. Will have to hide this from my housemates because I fear they’ll all get hooked if they try it. It’s easy to set up too and I used in the bath and shower, it sets me up for the day... at the moment I am trying to ration myself using it because it has delayed me going to work in the morning a few times lol. Don’t let the higher than usual cost put you off, I am so glad I did. I knew from some reviews I read on this on twitter that it would be good but didn’t think it would be as good as this. A must have.
In a Relationship Female
This is my favourite toy ever. Orgasmed on first attempt, glad I chose it as I was concerned it was overpriced but soooo worth it. Used it in the bath, love it, can’t wait to use again.
My word do I adore this clit vibe. I don’t usually write reviews for anything I buy but I felt compelled to write one for this. The minute I saw this one I knew I had to have it, it just looks so beautiful and expensive. I suppose it is a little more expensive than other vibes but it’s definitely worth it so I would advise if you’re thinking of buying, then do. This arrived very swiftly and discreet in terms of delivery which I was hoping for on both counts. It’s easy to set up which is great also as I am a loon when it comes to gadgets. It feels sublime to the touch and honestly, gave me the best and most intense climax in a long time. Easy to use through all the modes and honestly how pretty does it look!
Single Female
4.7777777777778 5 9