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Ribbed Multi-Speed Waterproof Rabbit

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Quick Overview

This is one toy that every pleasure enthusiast will want in their collection. Using ribs, nodules and rotating beads along the shaft, this rabbit is set to induce a toe-tingling pleasure when activated. Not forgetting the controlled multi-speed clitoral stimulator which ranges from an intense vibration to orgasm tipping pleasure. Measuring 4.5 inches of insertable length and 4.15 inches of girth this rabbit is just waiting to show you a good time. In colours of either deep purple or baby pink, this waterproof delight has just made your night that much better!

Hi, I’m Samantha Jones and in this video I will be talking about the Ribbed Multi-Speed Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator. The Ribbed Multi-Speed Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator has 4.5 inches of insertable length and 4.15 inches of girth at its widest point. It’s made out of a jelly, squidgy rubber. Now what makes this rabbit really special is that it is covered in these nodules and ribs all up the shaft and all over the clitoral stimulator and it has this extra large nodule to really hit and target the g-spot. Now to switch it on, you can press the up button on the clitoral stimulator and then to switch on the rotation in the shaft, press the on button for the other set of buttons. It has these ball bearers which rotate in the shaft which really give you a nice internal massage. And you can use them together or individually and then we have this fifth button which reverses the rotation. Now there are 35 different modes and 9 modes of rotation speed and to switch it off, just press the minus button for both sets of buttons. Now we put the batteries in at the base of the rabbit, unscrew the cap and the batteries go in this battery carriage. It takes four triple AAA batteries, these don’t come with the rabbit so don’t forget to pick some up at the checkout. So pop the battery carriage back in at the bottom, press and screw the base on and tighten it nice and tightly because this is waterproof so you can safely submerge it in water and use it safely in the bath or the shower!


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Product Specification

Full Length 9 Inches
Insertable Length 4.5 Inches
Girth 4.15 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel Jelly Rubber
Waterproof Yes
Batteries 4xAAA
Power Source Batteries
Speeds & Vibe Patterns 35 Modes and 9 Rotation Speeds
Flexibility Solid
Curved Tip No
Motion Vibrating
Controller Type Internal

Customer Reviews

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Really enjoyed the vibrations from this rabbit, really liked the bumps on the clitoral stimulator and how it felt on my clit.
Really nice length and girth
Recommend for anyone: beginner or advanced
Bisexual Single Female
This rabbit has a decent length and isn’t so thick that it was uncomfortable to put inside but the best feature I think is those little nodules on the tip of the clit stimulator. It really intensified the vibrations straight to my clit and made me shake in seconds!
My girlfriend enjoyed teasing me with it and has said that I have become better at begging through using it.
Really recommend for an amazing vibe experience.
Gay Going Steady Female
This rabbit is what I call a beginner's rabbit as it isn’t overly girthy nor lengthy, just the right size to start out with. It has a cute whale as a bunny and, forgive the pun; it’s a “whale” of a time! It is riddled with bumps and nodules which for once I could actually feel and it did make a difference I thought. The whale has these tiny nodules which intensified the vibrations on my clit and it made me orgasm within seconds which I didn’t think was possible! Over the course of the night I think I orgasmed maybe 5 times in a row and then a further 6 times after I had a break. I didn’t think I could last through that much pleasure but it was such an intense experience that I couldn’t stop!

I loved using this toy and I recommend it especially for starter toy collectors and for experienced collectors who want a thrilling ride!
Straight Single Female
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