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Playboy Lubricated Classic Condoms 12 Pack

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Hi I’m Samantha Jones and in this video, I’ll be talking about the 12s Playboy Lubricated Classic Condoms. On the front of the box, it tells you what condom you are using and on the back it gives you all the important information such as material, size and lubricant; to open the box, use the tab at the top and inside your box will be all your condoms and an instruction manual. They’re all individually wrapped, tear them apart and on the front of the wrapper it will tell you again what condom you’re using and on the back, it gives you an expiry date. We do not advise that you use this condom after this expiry date as there is more chance the latex will tear. Then rip open the wrapper, slide out the condom and then we do recommend using just a little bit of lube for easier application. Squeeze the teat and unravel it down the penis and this is a lovely classic condom. When you’re all done, gather it at the top, pull it up by the rim, wrap it up in a tissue, and we recommend you throw it in the bin, we strongly advise you don’t throw it down the toilet.

Quick Overview

Playboy Lubricated Classic Condoms are lubricated for safety and enjoyment. This pack comes in a convenient size of 12 individually wrapped condoms. Made from latex, these classic condoms from Playboy will give you the protection you need with the comfort of a high quality lubricated condom. The condom itself has a reservoir tip and a nominal width of 52mm.

Product Specification

Size Medium
Flavour Unflavoured
Condom Material Latex
Texture Smooth
Thickness Regular
Lubricated Yes
Spermicidal No
Sensation none

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