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Mouth Gag

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Gags are used as part of bondage play to obscure the mouth of a sub’. The dom’ enforces greater control on the sub’ by preventing them from speaking. Gags come is a wide variety of types, which we go through below. It’s really down to personal preference so there’s no right or wrong choice of gag. However experience is a factor that should be taken into account ie there’s no point in buying a gag that you’re not able to use or that scares you! Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that gags are fun adult toys and can be really visually appealing regardless of whether you’re interested in bondage/BDSM or not; for a “regular” relationship, they work well in increasing physical and emotional connections in the bedroom so what’s not to love?



Ball Gag

These are the most common and well known of all gags. We have a dedicated guide on all things ball gag to find out more but basically, as the name suggests, a ball gag features a ball shaped gag which sits in the mouth behind the teeth and is held in place by a strap that wraps around the head.


Bit Gag

The wearer of a bit gag bites down on a bar between the teeth. Bit gags are great for animal role play fantasies such as the wearer pretending to be a pony while perhaps wearing a pony tail anal plug to really set the scene.


Harness Gag

A harness gag wraps around the entire head with straps usually coming up under the chin and around the back of the head. The gag on some harnesses allow for it to be changed should you desire to do so, for example from an o ring to a ball gag to a bit gag. Some head harnesses include blindfolds which makes the sub’ completely helpless.


Inflatable Gag

An inflatable gag allows the dom’ to expand the size of the gag in the sub’s mouth through hand pump control. With the gag inflated, the sub’ is rendered speechless and so gives the dom’ still more power to humiliate and control the sub’. The trust shown by the sub’ in his/her dom’ can be an immense turn on in itself for the dom’.


Muzzle Gag

As the name suggests, this type of gag mimics a muzzle used on animals. The gag is strapped and secured around the head and muzzles the mouth - ideal for those who have a fantasy to treat their sub’s like a dog in some animal based roleplay scene.


Open Mouth Gags

Open mouth gags differ slightly from ball gags in that they prevent the sub’ from being able to close their mouth making them attractively defenceless to their dom’. Furthemore, unlike the ball gag, when the sub’ wears an open mouth gag, the mouth is kept open for the dom’, for example, to “force” oral sex on the sub’.


Spider Gag

A spider gag is another type of open mouth gag where the wearer’s mouth is kept open by four bars, one in each corner of the mouth. The open mouth and four bars together look like a spider and hence the name.


O Ring Gag

A ring gag, which is also referred to as an o-ring gag, is similar to a ball bag, except in place of a ball, there is a hollow ring which is inserted in the sub’s mouth which results in forcing it to stay open. This open position makes the mouth “available” for a penis or nipples to be placed into the mouth; this is an example of a dom’ exercising authority over their sub’ while simultaneously receiving pleasure themselves.

Choosing The Perfect Gag For Play

perfect gag

Now that you know the options that are available for a bondage gag, here are the steps to follow in order to choose the one for you!

1. Type of Gag

Your Needs
Gag type
Add sex appeal?
Ball Gag
Keep your mouth open?
O-Ring Gag
Build sexual tension?
Large Ball Gag
Something for a beginner?
Bit Gag or Breathable Ball Gag
High octane teasing for both sides?
Spider Gag

2. Materials Consideration

Gags come in a variety of materials, some might be hard plastic, others silicone, others metal. Silicone is the most comfortable material to be in the mouth because it is odourless, tasteless and more pliable than other materials so it’s a good choice of gag material for a beginner. After that, it comes down to personal preference.

The material or formation of the strap and fastener for the gag is something to consider prior to purchase also. Read carefully through the product’s description to see if there is a large buckle or harness style for example.

Harness style fasteners tend to be more difficult to “get out of” in a hurry so if you can source a velcro fastened gag if you’re a beginner, all the better! At the very least, be sure to familiarise yourself with opening and closing of the gag before you begin your session.

3. Gag Size

If you’re thinking of trying a ball gag for the first time, do take into account the size of the gag in relation to the size of your mouth. Consider a first gag diameter size in the 1-1.5 inch diameter range.

Safety First!


Mouth gags in whatever format can add sensational new dimensions to your sex life but a degree of caution is required too. Here are our top tips when it comes to mouth gag safety:

  • The dom’ should strap the gag on while continuously communicating with the sub’ about tightness and secureness.
  • Never leave a gagged submissive unattended.
  • Both parties need to agree to a safety signal before the sub’ is gagged. A good safety signal is to have a bell close by that they can ring. Or suggest they stamp their feet three times. Basically something that’s easily discernible.
  • Gags shouldn’t be worn for more than 20 minutes at a time, this is because jaw muscles fatigue quickly so someone does need to be time aware.
  • Sub’s shouldn’t have a head cold or a runny nose because this can further impair their breathing once you insert a gag.

Mouth Gag Cleaning

mouth gagclean

Having a gag in your mouth means there is definitely going to be saliva on it after use but depending on what levels your play gets to with your partner, there might also be some other bodily fluids ;-). As a result, it’s advisable to thoroughly clean your gag after every use. Take note of its material because for example, you should not use a silicone based cleaner with a silicone toy as it could cause damage.

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