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Mini Tongue Clitoral Stimulator

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Hi, I’m Samantha Jones and in this video, I’ll be talking about the Mini Tongue Clitoral Stimulator. This has a full length of 3.5 inches and the clitoral stimulator at the tip has a girth of one inch. It’s made out of a flexible jelly rubber. Now what makes this really special is that it imitates a mouth and a tongue. Now to switch it on, we spin the wheel on the remote control anti-clockwise and you can feel the vibration throughout the clitoral stimulator right to the tip for a really focused sensation but then the vibration spreads around the lips to stimulate the surrounding area and you can start off with a nice slow speed and the more you turn the wheel, the more intense the sensation gets. And although it is really quiet, it’s very powerful. It also has this great suction cap so you can attach it to tables or walls for easy use. Then to switch it off, just spin the wheel anti-clockwise. Now this takes two AA batteries which you insert at the back of the remote, just slide the remote down, and place the batteries in there and then click it back on. And this isn’t waterproof so we don’t suggest you use it in water.

Quick Overview

The Mini Tongue Clitoral Stimulator is the next best thing when it comes to oral pleasure! This jelly rubber toy has been moulded into a perfect set of lips with an extended “tongue” that really vibrates against your clitoris! This oral stimulator has a suction cup base so you have hands-free access to really focus on your pleasure! The remote control has 27 inches of lead and it has a multi-speed wheel which you simply turn for more intense vibrations which is far easier to control within the throes of passion! Available in a lovely light shade of pink, this is the oral toy you are waiting for!

Product Specification

Colour Pink
Full Length 3.5 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel Jelly Rubber
Waterproof Only Vibrator
Batteries 2xAA
Power Source Batteries
Speeds & Vibe Patterns Multi Speed Vibration
Noise Level Normal
Flexibility Flexible
Curved Tip No
Motion Vibrating
Controller Type External

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