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Mains Powered Magic Wand Speed Massager

In stock

Hi, I’m Samantha Jones and in this video I will be talking about the Magic Wand Speed Massager. Designed after the HItachi, this Magic Wand is 12.25 inches in entire length and has 7.25 inches of circumference around the massaging head. To switch it on, we press the on-off button and then we have a second button which takes you through the 10 different vibration functions.

And as you can tell, that really is intense to give you a deep massage. Then to switch it off, press the on-off button. This one comes in pink but there are other colours available. It’s mains powered and has 2 metres of cable.

Quick Overview

This beautiful mains powered wand massager has the iconic shape of the Original Wand Massager that was created in 1968. It has 10 modes of vibrational settings that are incredibly powerful with a simple button interface and 6 metres of cord length to compensate for all of you wigglers! With a full length of 12.25 inches and a head circumference 7.25 inches, this is an exceptionally well made product that produces amazingly powerful vibrations and will give you toe-curling pleasure whenever you want it! Available in black, purple, pink or white you can choose your wand for the night and let it wave some magic on you!

Product Specification

Full Length 12.25 Inches
Circumference 7.25 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel Silicone & ABS Plastic
Waterproof No
Power Source Mains Powered
Speeds & Vibe Patterns 10 Modes
Noise Level Normal
Flexibility Flexible Head
Curved Tip No
Motion Vibrating & Pulsating
Controller Type Internal

Customer Reviews

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This is my second wand purchase, unfortunately I purchased another wand that was not good quality and even caused electrical problems as the cable broke at the connection to the wand. This new wand is really good quality and at a very reasonable price.
Straight Married Male
This is a great version of the Doxy. Very happy with my purchase.
I’ve seen this wand in an episode of Sex in the City and thought, well if it’s on TV it’s gotta be good right?
So I ordered this to see it in front of me and when I did I was amazed at how big it was. I plugged it in and ran it along my arms and neck to see what it felt like first and it really did make my muscles go all gooey.
I used it again down there to see who that was and Omg it was amazing, I think I lasted 2 minutes before I came! I couldn’t believe it, I used it every night since then and it still gets me off as fast as it did then.
I have fallen in love with my magic wand <3
Straight Single Female
I quite like how quirky this wand is, it looks just like the original wand and it performs wonderfully. My husband was a little put out that I had bought one but as soon as I let him have a go with it he soon changed his mind.
I was in a lovely box and came with some really good instructions to work it and take good care of it.
It now resides next to my bedside table under my bed, can’t be leaving it too far away!
Straight Married Female
I met my wife in an American coffee shop, where we got to know each other and I took the plunge and asked her out on a date. Since then we moved to England to meet my family and decided to stay here. One of the things that my wife did feel sad about was being unable to take her wand with her, she loved it and it certainly made our sex life more intense so when I saw this on the Carvaka website I couldn’t help myself. I knew how much she was missing hers and was hoping that this would make her happy.
While I was waiting for it to be delivered she knew something was going on, but I waited it out until it arrived.
I don’t think I have ever saw a woman so excited before, she was jumping up and down and even begged for sex right then and there!
So I gotta thank you Carvaka, you made my wife a whole lot happier.
Straight Married Male
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