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Magic Wand Vibrators & Massagers

Welcome to the magical world of wand massagers! Wand massagers, or magic wand vibrators as they are also called, were originally created to ease aches and pains in the body. However they were quickly found to produce intense orgasms and became hugely popular among women who had difficulty climaxing or who had never experienced an orgasm before. The first wand massager was the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager launched in 1968 - The Hitachi however cannot be sold in the UK as it does not carry the required CE marking. Fret not however as since then many more magic wands have been created that improved upon the Hitachi. From the massive Doxy Wand Massager to the more petite Pretty Pink Micro Wand Vibrator you are sure to find a wand to suit you. Magic wands are powered by mains plug, USB rechargeable or batteries as per your preference. At Carvaka, we have sourced many wands that are both beautiful and powerful for your orgasmic enjoyment or for relieving your body aches and pains! So sit back and enjoy browsing what we think is a really nice collection of magic wands!

Explore New Levels of Pleasure with Carvaka’s Magic Wand Vibrator Collection

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