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Luoge Luminous Magic Wand

In stock

Quick Overview

This wand truly is an elegant massager. The silky silicone texture is decorated with beautiful gold control panel buttons. As you scroll through the different pleasure settings, the wand goes through its stunning lighting effects. It also produces a beautiful light show while charging and makes a splendid decoration to your room. Although beautiful, this wand is not style over substance. With 9 inches of full length and 5 inches of head circumference, it is perfect to hold onto and let it deliver you to a pleasure overload! The 10 different vibration modes, silicone texture and beautiful shape will ensure that this wand leads you to a truly gorgeous climax! This wand is ideal for elegant ladies who love the shaking climax that only a high quality wand can give. If you add this wand to your collection, it is sure to become your pleasure wand of choice!

Hi, I’m Samantha Jones and in this video I will be talking about the Luoge Luminous Magic Wand. The Luoge Luminous Magic Wand has 5 inches of circumference on the head. What makes this magic wand really special is it has a beautiful light up function. So to switch it on, press and hold these two gold buttons and then keep pressing the gold buttons which take you through the ten different vibration functions and as you use it, it lights up. To switch it off, we press and hold the gold buttons.

Now this is USB rechargeable, but it comes with its own little cradle and if you pop it in its cradle, as it charges, it lights up in lots of different colours so, this is very pretty.

It isn't waterproof, it is splashproof so you can clean it but, try not to get the gold buttons wet.

We recommend you use a water based lubricant and when you’re all done give it a clean with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. So if you think this is the one for you, pop it in the cart and we’ll get it to you without delay.


Product Specification

Brand Luoge
Colour Pink
Full Length 9 Inches
Circumference 5 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel Silicone & ABS Plastic
Waterproof Splashproof
Power Source USB Charging
Speeds & Vibe Patterns 10 Modes
Flexibility Flexible Head
Curved Tip No
Motion Vibrating
Controller Type Internal

Customer Reviews

Write a Review
I really liked the look of this wand and when I watched the product video it convinced me to order it as soon as it finished.
When it arrived I was like a child at Christmas, giggling to myself and couldn’t open it fast enough.
I read through the instructions carefully and I saw it mentioned, like in the video, to not get the gold buttons wet as they might short circuit and not work which I was a little put down by as I am a squirter, so that made me not want to use it as much but my FWB convinced me to use it and see how it performs at least.
I was really glad he made me use it as it was such a powerful and intense experience I think I was producing a continuous stream at the end which I had never done before and as he was holding it, it hardly got wet and I was a lot more relieved about the experience.
I am really glad that I ordered this wand and I think it’ll be my best bud for a long time.
Single Female
This is a delightful toy to have, with its lights and cradle making it seem a lot more prestigious than the other wands.

It is such a pleasure to the senses when it is charging up and in use that I feel like I’m in ecstasy when I’m in the same room as it.

I loved it when I saw it on the website and I love it even more now that I own one.

Really recommend as it is a perfect mood enhancing night light as well as an intimate massager ;)
Single Female
One of the most beautiful wands I have ever seen.
I opened the parcel and I saw it was housed in a lovely solid box in its cradle with all the extra bits underneath the wand.

It is such a lovely shade of pink and with the logo being a crown made it much more elegant and luxurious than any of my other wands.

When I plugged it in and put the wand in the cradle it instantly lit up and I sat there mesmerised by the light show I was getting. It really calmed me down just watching it and before I knew it, 15 minutes had passed!

When it had charged up, I turned it on and was more surprised when the lights on the wand matched the vibration mode it was on! It flickered and pulsed in tandem with the vibrations.

When I used it on my back and neck it really pulsed deep into my muscles and loosened them really well. When I used it in more intimate areas it shocked me how strong it was. I must have put my body into a state of shock as I can’t fully remember what happened until I orgasmed!

This wand made me feel like a lady and has turned me into a wand addict!
Straight Single Female
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