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7 Mode Finger Vibe - Lovely Rabbit

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Hi, I’m Samantha Jones and in this video, I will be talking about the 7 Mode Finger Vibe - Lovely Rabbit. This has 4 inches of length and 4.1 inches of girth at its widest point. It is made from a gummy gel flexible material with these flexible cute little bunny rabbit ears and this cute little bunny face. Now the bullet can be removed from the sleeve. The bullet has 7 vibration functions; you switch them on via the button at the bottom and you place in the sleeve and the vibration goes throughout the entire bunny rabbit to the end of the ears.

To switch it off, keep pressing the button until it goes through all the functions and stops.

It has this finger sleeve also to add a different dimension to clitoral stimulation.

It takes 3 button batteries which go in the bottom of the bullet; just unscrew the base and pop them in there and screw the base back on nice and tightly as this is waterproof.

Quick Overview

This Lovely Rabbit Finger vibe is a cutesy jelly rubber sleeve on a powerful 7 mode bullet. It has a loophole to attach to your finger and create amazing, pleasurable sensations on your pleasure points. With a full length of 4 inches and a girth of 4.1 inches you will see this long eared rabbit buzz to life, aiming all its vibrations straight to your clitoris! Available in baby pink or tempting purple, you can choose which rabbit will show you the meaning of a finger vibe!

Product Specification

Brand Aphrodisia
Full Length 4 Inches
Girth 4.1 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel TPE & ABS
Waterproof Yes
Batteries 3xLR44
Power Source Batteries
Speeds & Vibe Patterns 7 Modes
Flexibility Flexible
Curved Tip No
Motion Vibrating & Pulsating
Controller Type Internal

Customer Reviews

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I have immensely enjoyed myself with this finger vibe,it fits nicely on my finger tip and the vibrations are really good. I do find the jelly rubber a bit too flexible so it moves around when i do but i don’t mind it too much. Overall i really like it and have recomended it to my friends :)
Bisexual Single Female
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