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How to Use Sex Toys

The world of sex toys is such a glorious one, filled with excitement and pleasure but also a degree of fear and uncertainty. While finding the right sex toy for you can be a life changing experience, so doing can prove a little daunting given the scale of choice on offer these days. In this guide, we look at how to use sex toys in your pursuit of the ultimate climax.

How To Use Sex Toys - General Advice

Uses of Sex Toys - General Advice

Start Small! The world of sex toys is vast but don’t be intimidated. Start small and work your way up. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you find out what you like and what you don’t.

Be Open Minded Never be afraid to try something new; variety is the spice of life as they say! Never say “I wouldn’t try anal, I don’t think it’s for me” or “oh bondage isn’t for me” for example. How do you know if you don’t try! If you are interested in learning about bondage, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to bondage by the way and if you want to try anal, be sure to see our guide to anal sex. The point is don’t place limits on your sexual exploration. If you’re new to sex toys, you have so much experimentation to do, so many orgasms to have!

Never Stop Searching for the Ultimate Climax At Carvaka, we think that we’re all searching for the ultimate climax, an orgasm that takes your breath away and leaves you quivering uncontrollably as you come to terms with the earth shattering pleasure wave that has just buckled you. But no matter how amazing the climax, you must always keep searching, experimenting and pushing forward to beat it!

Talk to Your Partner Bring your partner on the journey with you as those who play together, stay together! Sex toys are fun alone and are brilliant with a partner so be sure to share the pleasure!

How To Use Sex Toys for Women

Uses of Sex Toys for Women

Vibrators A vibrator is undoubtedly the best place to start for any woman looking to introduce the joy of sex toys into her life. The choice here is vast so it is worth checking out our ultimate guides on how to choose a vibrator and how to use a vibrator. While these guides go into great detail, the general advice is to start small and work up. So a nice mini vibrator is a great place to start. Once in the mood and alone, consider massaging some lube onto your clitoris. Use the mini vibrator on a gentle setting to slowly start to massage and stimulate your clitoris. This will feel oh so good and you will start to wonder where sex toys have been all your life! As your arousal grows and you want to go to the next level of pleasure, use the mini vibrator for some shallow penetration. Alternate between clitoral and internal stimulation until you can hold on no longer and fall limp as a shuddering climax envelops your whole body. Congratulations, you’ve just had your first sex toy orgasm - yay!

After a while you may want to promote yourself to intermediate sex toy level and look for some slightly more advanced toys. A rabbit vibrator is a great choice here as the shaft stimulates you internally while the rabbit ears drench your clitoris in pleasure vibes. This simultaneous, clitoral and g-spot stimulation really turns things up a notch. Be sure to check out our guides on how to use a rabbit vibrator and how to use a g-spot vibrator for more detail on how to get the most out of these toys.

Introducing Anal Pleasure Once you have been using regular vibrators for a while, it is time to push things up to a new level and start to explore the new levels of pleasure waiting to be discovered with anal stimulation. As with vibrators, it is good to start off small and work from there. A great option here are some anal beads For more on how to use anal beads, see our How to Use Anal Beads Ultimate Guide. The first bead is very small and will slip easily into the anus so long as you use plenty of lube. As that first bead slips in, savour the moment as it marks your first step on a wonderful voyage of anal pleasure. Anal beads won’t create an amazing sensation in and of themselves but when used with other toys or during sex, they bring things to a new level. So consider using perhaps a wand vibrator to stimulate your clitoris while you gently introduce larger beads into your rectum. As the final bead slips inside you, the full feeling is thoroughly pleasurable. As you approach climax, slowly but firmly full the beads from your body. As you simultaneously climax as the beads pop, pop, pop out of you, you will start to realise that orgasms will never be the same again!

Once you have mastered anal beads, why not promote yourself yet again and try out a butt plug. Butt plugs fill your rectal area and put pressure on your back vaginal wall so creating a lovely full sensation. If being penetrated either by a penis or a vibrator at the same time, this will feel simply amazing. If feeling still more adventurous, invest in a vibrating butt plug which does everything a normal butt plug does but also vibrates!

If you find that simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration is for you (and you will!), then why not buy a double penetration vibrator designed to do just that.

How to Use Sex Toys for Men

Uses of Sex Toys for Men

Male MasturbatorsThe choice for men embarking on their sex toy voyage is equally as overwhelming as it is for women. So, let’s start with something simple, the humble male masturbator. If it’s one thing men know how to do, it’s masturbate! And yes, hands work just fine but if you’re looking to mix things up, a male masturbator is a great first step into the world of sex toys.

Pocket Pussies A pussy that you carry in your pocket: what’s not to love! Pocket pussies feel just like real, young, succulent, tight vaginas that are there for you whenever you are feeling frisky. Simply use the pocket pussy to stroke your penis as you would with your hand. See how long you can last until you come harder than ever before. When you’re ready to go again, your trusty pocket pussy will be too!

Blowjob Simulators Blowjob simulators give your oh so lucky penis BJs on demand! So if you enjoy being sucked off, you will love having your own private blowjob machine on standby.

Vibrating Pussies What could be better than pussy I hear you ask? Well how about a vibrating pussy my good man! As the name suggest, vibrating pussies vibrate so you can just relax and let the pussy do the work!

Prostate Massagers While most men immediately think of their penis when they think of masturbation, this is a big mistake. While the G-Spot in women is well known, many man neglect their very own P-Spot! The P-Spot refers to the area of the prostate that gives men an intensely pleasurable sensation when stimulated. To get the full low down on how to massage your P-Spot, check out our Ultimate Guide to Massaging Your P-Spot Remember, your penis is just part of the puzzle of achieving the ultimate climax. If you neglect your prostate, then you are severely curtailing your pleasure!

How to Use Sex Toys for Couples

Uses of Sex Toys for Couples

Cock Rings Cock rings slide onto the shaft of the penis and some even surround the scrotum; these are often called cock and ball rings . Some cock rings vibrate while others don’t. A cock ring can really spice things up as they serve a number of purposes. First off, a vibrating cock ring effectively turns your cock into a vibrator with which to deliver pleasure to your lucky partner! However as cock rings restrict the flow of blood from the penis back into the body, they can help to sustain an erection and also help to delay climaxing so help men to last longer. If all that wasn’t enough, as the ring restricts ejaculation slightly, the climax is prolonged and made more intense - win / win / win / win!

Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos For the lesbian ladies, double ended dildos frankly are simply a must. Both ladies should sit on the bed facing each-other and insert each end; rock backwards and forwards for mutual penetration. Of course, feel free to mix things up by using the double ended dildo to have an amazing double doggy session. If both ladies go on hands and knees in a butt to butt position and then insert the dildo either vaginally or anally. Now as you push your bums toward each-other, you are now both having doggy sex at the same time.

Strapon Dildos

Strapon Dildos Strapon dildos need no introduction to lesbian couples. While regular strapons work very well, many choose to dial up the pleasure gauge a notch and invest in a vibrating strapon dildo. The strapon, once on, gives the lady all the shaft she needs to give her partner a right good seeing to!

But strapons are not just for lesbian ladies! Straight couples can get in on the act too! Remember the P-Spot we mentioned earlier? Well a straight lady can invest in a pegging strapon to give her partner anal sex. Ok, information overload? Let’s break it down. Men have a P-Spot much like a lady’s G-Spot and to massage this, you need to “enter” him anally. Obviously gay men have this pretty much down but straight men shouldn’t let all this P-Spot stimulation fun to their gay friends! With a pegging strapon securely in place, a straight lady can give her straight partner a right good anal rodgering and show him just how pleasurable it is to have his prostate massaged. If you’re feeling particularly generous, why not reach around and give him a handjob as you simultaneously give it to him up the bum! Be warned, he won’t last very long before buckling into a shivering orgasm as you drench him in a pleasure overload!

Hollow Strapons / Penis Sleeves

Hollow Strapons / Penis Sleeves Hollow strapons and penis sleeves are a great sex toy for any guy looking to give his partner a little extra oomph! The sleeve or the strapon slip on over the penis to give the wearer extra length or girth or both. These toys are very often referred to as penis extenders or penis enlargers as they serve this purpose but don’t enlarge the actual penis. Once on, the sensation of the wearer will be somewhat dampened as if wearing a large condom; this dampening effect is not so great for sleeves that are open at the top as the glans of the penis is still stimulated as normal. This means that the wearer can give his partner a right good rodgering ‘til his heart’s content without having to worry about climaxing too soon. Once the recipient of the aforementioned rodgering is totally satisfied, the wearer can slip off the sleeve and enjoy the full sensation - win/win!

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs They say you haven’t orgasmed properly until you have with a butt plug inserted. For the full lowdown on all things butt plugs, see our ultimate guide to butt plugs. Butt plugs are used by men and women alike and are designed to remain inserted while you’re busy doing other things! For example, having a butt plug inserted while receiving oral pleasure will turn a run of the mill session into something more explosive. Those new to anal play should start out with a small beginner's plug and it’s probably best to try for the first time alone in a solo session. As always with anything anal, we recommend lube, lube and more lube; while any water based lube will work fine, if possible consider an anal lubricant which will have a thicker consistency and so last longer. Gently insert the plug into your rectum and once in place, masturbate as normal. Experience the more intense climax to normal and see if you are going to become an anal plug aficionado. If you’re hooked, try wearing the plug during sex and don’t be greedy, consider getting one for your partner also so you can both explore uncharted levels of pleasure together!

We hope this guide was somewhat useful and you will now go forward in a relentless search ot the ultimate climax - Enjoy!

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