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How to Use aG-spot-Vibrator

You have your G-spot vibe but now, what to do? First, we will learn exactly what and where the G-spot is and then from knowledge will come mastering the best way to achieve that climax you crave with your shiny new G-spot vibrator!

The Great G-spot Debate
What is the G-spot?
It is a cluster of nerve endings located deep in the vaginal wall; when the area is stimulated, it can produce an amazingly intense orgasm. The difficulty for people can be in actually locating it.
Approximate location of the (Grafenberg spot) G spot
Using the G-spot Vibe: Locating the G-spot

Clearing Up G-spot Misconceptions

G-spot gynecologist Mr. Ernst Gräfenberg

The G-spot was “discovered” in the 1950s by the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who claimed that he had isolated an area inside the vaginal wall that, when stimulated in the right way, had the possibility of leading to orgasm and at times, female ejaculation. Since then, there has been much debate in the gynecology research field as to just what the G-spot is, how it can produce orgasm and discussions on whether it not it even exists.

What is clear is that the G-spot is not a single, distinct thing or “spot” but experts have concluded that it is located in what is known in medical terms as the clitourethrovaginal complex. Put simply, this is the area where the clitoris, urethra and vagina all meet up. Basically these experts have concluded that G-spot climaxes “might be as a result of stimulation of just one structure, or multiple structures at once.” From all of this research, two female bodily structures seem to stand out as reasons for the production of G-spot orgasms: the female prostate and the clitoris.

The female prostate lies within the urethral sponge, which is a spongy cushion of tissue found in the lower genital area of females, sitting against both the pubic bone and vaginal wall. Both the urethral sponge and female prostate have high potential of nerve stimulation, which probably explains their sensitivity to touch. Structurally we know that the clitoris surrounds the urethra to a certain degree therefore stimulation of the G-spot is possibly stimulation of the internal portion of the clitoris.

The G-spot Orgasm and Ejaculation

G-spot Orgasm and Ejaculation When a woman orgasms from clitoral stimulation, the lower area of the vagina close to the opening swells for the sweet moment but orgasm from the area we refer to as the G-spot does differ. G-spot orgasms will give the sensation of the cervix pushing down into the vagina and G-spot orgasm also gives a higher possibility of female ejaculation.

Every woman is different of course and this is especially the case for the female sexual organs. While not all women ejaculate it is said that up to 33% do expel some form of liquid from the urethra during stimulation such as masturbation and/or intercourse. In general there are three forms of this female ejaculate: urine, urine dilute, and specific female ejaculate.

Sometimes you’ll hear specific reference to “squirting” and while this tends to get some bad press due to its presence in porn and the misconception that women can “squirt” on command, there are women who adore the process. UK authorities have even banned “female ejaculation” from British made pornography sites.

The release of urine during sex is common and some can also be expelled at the climax stage but there is something specifically and scientifically defined as female ejaculate. It is described as a teaspoon volume of fluid that has similarities to watered down fat-free milk. In terms of analysis, it is said to closely resemble male prostate secretions and feeds into the theory that the female prostate is heavily involved in the whole G-spot orgasm process.

Using a G-Spot Vibe to Orgasm

G-spot vibrators are a popular sex toy and can be used alone or with a partner; they come in many shapes and sizes but are usually characterised with a curved tip. Once you master the use of them, they’re easy but initially you need to take the time to familiarise yourself with the location. Below is a step by step guide which is directed towards self use but of course you can modify these should you and a partner be using the G-spot vibe.

Step 1

Relax in a position you are comfortable in and where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Apply some lube to both yourself and your G-spot toy.

Step 2

Masturbate until you feel aroused whether it’s from clit’ stimulation or other stimulation.

Step 3

Insert one or two fingers into your vagina, directing them up toward the tummy (think the 12 o'clock position if you are lying on your back). Press your fingers firmly against the roof of the vagina about one-third of the way in.

Step 4

You should be able to feel the ‘spongy’ area that increases in size upon stimulation.

Step 5

Once you have isolated the area, reach for your G-spot toy and insert towards the area you know to be your G-spot area.

Step 6

Take your time and build up the intensity, if your toy facilitates it, you should move up to more intensive vibrations as you near your climax.

Step 7

It is important not to forget other parts of your body which will add to your pleasure and help towards orgasm so use your free hand to stimulate and caress your clitoral area, nipples etc.

Step 8

Continue to stimulate the G-spot with your vibe and as you do, you may begin to feel your vagina clench and contract, this is a signal that orgasm is imminent...yay! At this stage, you should keep or even intensify the pressure you apply on the G-spot area until you reach your crescendo.

Other G-spot Vibe Masturbation Tips

  • Some women find they respond better to G-spot stimulation while resting anywhere but on their back so if at first you don’t succeed, try it out in a different position such as lying on your tummy or on all fours.
  • As you stimulate the general G-spot area, you might feel the urge to pee but this is totally normal and it could be a signal that you are about to expel some female ejaculate so embrace it!
  • Remember that it’s best not to try G-spot stimulation (especially on your first time) at the beginning of proceedings. Have some other solo play or if it’s with a partner, engage in some fun foreplay before you try to hit the G-spot.
  • Don’t despair if you feel that you didn’t locate your G-spot the first time or if you tried to experience a G-spot orgasm but it didn’t seem to work; practice makes perfect after all.
To Sum Up…
We have a wide selection of G-spot vibrators to choose from on our website so you are spoiled for choice. Some G-spot vibrators will also include a clitoral stimulator but as you read through the individual vibrator details and watch the videos, you will know which ones have this added feature. We also have vibrators which have that accentuated curved tip feature only - these are great for beginners to G-spot stimulation. Good luck on saying a sensuous hello to your G-spot!
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