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What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads, sometimes called anal balls, are a sex toy that comes in the shape of a series of beads (balls) fixed to a flexible or solid neck. Anal beads come in a range of sizes and materials but most typically are made of silicone or plastic. The beads usually start small at the end of the toy and progress in size the further up the neck you go. Some anal beads vibrate for extra sensation. Beads typically have a handle at the base that also prevents the toy from being “lost” up the anus!

Are Anal Beads for Men or Women?

Both! Men and women alike can use and derive fantastic pleasure from anal beads. We’ll provide more details below.

How to Use Anal Beads?

Anal beads uses
Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail!

As with many things in life, preparation is important. While spontaneity is the great, some preparation is required to get the most out of your anal bead pleasure voyage. As is true with all anal play, it is best to have cleaned out your bowels in advance (fancy way of saying “take a poo!”). Having a shower to thoroughly clean the area or even washing out the area with an anal douche all help to ensure that you’re nice and clean down there and free to begin your pleasure session.

Lube, Lube and More Lube!

Unlike the self lubricating vagina, the anus does not create its own pleasure juices so some anal lube is a must before you begin. Spread it generously on the anus and the anal beads.

Gently Does It!

Now you’re clean and lubed up, you’re good to go! It is recommended to have your first anal bead journey alone so you can take your time and get used to sensation before handing over the reigns to your partner. When you’re ready to take the plunge, gently introduce the first small ball into the anus. This will feel a nice, gentle, pleasant sensation as opposed to an amazing climax! It is good to simultaneously masturbate other parts of your body at this point such as the clitoris or the penis; anal beads work best in conjunction with other pleasurable acts. As you become more aroused, introduce another ball all the while massaging your clitoris or penis. You should be getting in the zone now as the stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings of your sphincter act as a glorious accompaniment to your masturbation session. Keep adding yet more balls as your sphincter loosens as you grow ever more aroused.

Here Comes the Best Part!

When you have progressed through to the last ball and all that is left protruding from your bum is the handle of the anal beads, savour the full sensation as you drench other erogenous zones in pleasure. If the beads vibrate, men will experience a thoroughly pleasurable sensation as the prostate (the man’s G-spot aka the P-spot) gets some well deserved lovin’! Don’t worry ladies, the vibrating beads will also feel great inside you as they deliver their vibes deep within you. If you are using a vaginal vibrator at the same time, the sensation will be just overwhelming. When you can hold on no longer and are at the point of climax gently but firmly pull the beads from your bum. As the beads pop, pop, pop out of your bum each one drenching the sphincter in sumptuous pleasure as it goes, you will crumble into an earth shattering climax, the likes of which you never thought possible!

Anal Beads with a Partner

Anal Beads with a Partner

Once you have become quite familiar with your beads, you are now ready to introduce a partner to dial up the pleasure volume a few notches. The possibilities are endless. Why not hand the beads to your partner and have him/her suck on your clitoris or give you a blowjob while introducing the beads.

Once they are in, feel free to have sex. The double penetration sensation for women is often a new high in terms of pleasure while men will often be blown away as they come to terms with the joy of having their penis and anus simultaneously stimulated. The more adventurous of you are likely already after thinking of this: yes, try sex with both of you fully penetrated with beads. How about a 69 and at the point of climax, have your partner gently pull the beads out? As I said, the possibilities are endless!

Be Clean!

As always, hygiene is the key to spectacular safe fun! An antibacterial sex toy cleaner will be of great help after play sessions to ensure any nasty bacteria is taken care of. Consider using a condom on your beads to add an extra layer of hygiene although not strictly necessary if you don’t intend to share the toy. Women shouldn’t interchange the toy from anus to vagina as many bacteria that live quite happily in the anus don’t go down so well in the vagina so this is an anal toy only!

All that is left to say is: ENJOY!!!