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What is a
Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a device used to help men achieve an erection. It works by drawing blood into the penis by placing it in a vacuum. Because of this, penis pumps are often referred to as vacuum penis pumps. While erectile dysfunction (ED) is very common and often easily treated, we do always recommend speaking to your doctor first to establish the underlying cause.

How to Use a Penis Pump?

Step 1: Insert Your Flaccid Penis Into the Base of the Pump

Insert your flaccid penis into the opening at the base of the pump. Consider using a little lubricant at this point to make entering the tube as smooth as possible. Many models will have openings in the shape of a mouth or a vagina with a soft textured material to make insertion feel pleasurable. Because of this, some men actually use their penis pump as a male masturbation device.

Insert Your Flaccid Penis Into the Base of the Pump

Step 2: Create the Vacuum in the Chamber

Once your penis is snugly inside the chamber, gradually build up the vacuum. Before you do this however, make sure that you know where the quick release valve is. This allows you to quickly remove the vacuum in the chamber should you wish to do that, for example if you felt any discomfort. Test this a few times just so you are comfortable using it.

How you create the vacuum depends on the pump type that you have. Some pumps are manual so you create the vacuum by pulling on a handle with each pull withdrawing more air from the chamber. Others are automatic and you can simply press a button to create the vacuum in the chamber. As more air is removed from the chamber, blood is drawn into the penis and so it becomes erect.

Step 3: Remove Your Penis

Once you are fully erect, remove your penis from the chamber slowly. In order to maintain the erection for longer, we recommend sliding the cock ring to the base of your shaft which will restrict the flow of blood from your penis back to your body and so prolong the erection. You are now ready to have sex so enjoy! An additional benefit of the cock ring is the semen must push harder to move through the shaft and so the climax lasts longer and is more intense.

Remove Your Penis

Are There Any Side Effects?

There can be some minor bruising on the shaft after using a penis pump. This is normal and will resolve in a few days. However, if you are in any way concerned, be sure to speak with your doctor for peace of mind.

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