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What is Cunnilingus& How To Lick a Girl Out

When someone asks "are you eating out tonight" chances are they are asking you if you intend to go to a restaurant for dinner. However "eating out" can have an altogether more exciting meaning. To eat out a girl is to stimulate her vagina & clitoris with your tongue. The fancy name for this is cunnlingus but most people just say "eating her out" or "licking her out". So now that we know what we're talking about, how do you eat a girl out like a pro?

Take It Slow

Eating your girl out is probably the single most sure fire way of giving her a spine tingling climax. So many guys / girls want to get straight down there to administer their pleasure session. But remember that ladies take a little time to warm up and get truly turned on. So don't just go straight down there and get to work; take things slowly. Start with passionate kissing of her lips progressing slowly to her neck. Simultaneously use your hands to massage her breasts and even her clitoris through her clothes as a tantalising taste of what is to come. All of this foreplay builds her anticipation and makes the ultimate climax all the more intense.

Consider Some Edible Lube

Consider Some Edible Lube

This is definitely not a requirement but does add an even more intense sensuousness to the whole experience, particularly if you get a nice flavoured lubricant - the taste is so pleasant that you will want to keep sucking, licking and eating your lucky partner all night!

With or without lube, move slowly down her body, applying more lube as you go if you choose to make use of lube. Dwell on her breasts, taking time to caress her nipples with your tongue. Kiss the whole breast though not just the nipples. Push the breasts together and run your tongue from one to the other. Most women find having their boobs sucked to be thoroughly arousing so spending some time here is definitely worth the effort.

As you move further south, run your tongue along her body en route to pinnacle pleasure but don't be in a rush to get there. Move past her clitoris and out to her inner thighs kissing and licking as you do. Don't forget her breasts now that you have moved down south; try to massage them with your hands while your tongue gets closer and closer to the main event.

Once you finally reach her vagina, tease her a little by tipping your tongue on her clitoris and then back out to her inner thighs; this will build her anticipation to breaking point and don't be surprised if she cant take it anymore and just jams your face onto her clitoris so you can bring her to another planet. If this happens, it means she wants you to eat her out :-)

Flick Your Tongue & Mix Things Up

When she just cannot take anymore, give her what she has been so badly craving. Focus your tongue on her clitoris, sucking, kissing, flicking your tongue as you do. Vary the speed and intensity to keep her guessing as to what is coming next! Congrats, you are now licking your girl out!

Give Her a Pleasure Overload

While having her clitoris sucked, licked and kissed will have pretty much any lady squirming like a fish out of water, don't rest on your laurels; slowly introduce your index and/or your middle finger into her vagina and then make the come hither motion to massage her g-spot.

This will have her gasping for breath as the pleasure overload begins to bring her to the edge. If she says "don't stop" while being eaten out, our advice is to heed that instruction! And finally if you want to just to absolutely overload her pleasure senses to a point that she has never experienced before, slowly insert your thumb into her anus - play around the edge at first going slightly deeper over time just to ensure she is okay with that. Most women will be totally caught up in the experience of being licked out and just want more, more, more and will welcome this extra dimension to the session.

So, there is a little multi-tasking to be done at this point but trust us, it is worth it: your tongue should be doing it's thing on the clitoris, your middle and/or index finger should be caressing the g-spot while your thumb acts as a sort of butt plug - or actually insert a butt plug if you prefer of course!

Once all three are being done at the same time, you can pretty much start the countdown to:

Going Back for Seconds is Just Fine

One of the many things that makes women better than men :-) is that they can experience multiple orgasms. So unlike men who need to take a lengthy break between climaxes, women are ready to go again and again. So if you've driven her to an earth-shattering climax that has left her shuddering on the bed, don't stop there. Move your tongue up from the clitoris along the tummy, up to the breasts and ultimately to her mouth. Penetrate her at this stage with your penis or strap-on as the case may be. She will likely be dripping wet at this point so you will be able to easily slip in and roger her senseless. She will still be coming to terms with what has just happen and to now be being pummelled will leave her truly speechless. Remember she has just come, so this time it's all about you. Thrust vigorously until you come and collapse your head into her chest as your body falls limp at the point of orgasm. She may well come too given how aroused she is.


Now is perhaps one of the most intimate times any couple has. You have both just given spectacular orgasms to each-other and you are both exhausted from this toe clenching session. Now is the time to hold each-other; there's no need to say anything. You've said it all with the intensity of the preceding love making. Just enjoy each-other now and reflect on what hopefully was the best sex of your life!

So now the next time someone asks if you are "eating out tonight" say "yes but I'm staying home :-)" We hope that you've found this guide to licking a girl out / eating a girl out / cunnilingus or whatever you want to call it! :-) useful and hope that you will go forth and give your partner the most spectacular orgams of her life!