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How to Increase Libido...
in Women!

Possible Reasons for a Low Libido in Women

Other Possible Physical Reasons
  • Some women report sex drive fluctuations in line with their menstrual cycles. Going through the menopause can also affect the libido, as can any other hormonal changes / imbalances. Important to speak to your doctor who can talk you through some medication options in this regard.
  • Ladies who experience pain conditions, particularly those that affect the vagina or sexual functioning, can of course impact on sex drive and desire. For example, endometriosis.
  • Other conditions which may create discomfort can also have an impact on libido in women eg arthritis or coronary artery disease or if someone is going through treatments of anti-depressants or chemotherapy.
  • Some STIs can impact on sexual drive and of course, medical intervention should be sought for having an STI.
  • Pregnancy can impact libido, in both a positive or negative sense while birth, breast feeding motherhood can lead to a drop in sex drive for many reasons eg tiredness, hormonal imbalances etc.

How Do Relationship Issues Cause a Low Libido?

How Do Relationship Issues Cause a Low Libido?

  • When there is little or no communication.
  • Sexual needs are not being met.
  • Infidelity.
  • Simply not being sexually attracted to a partner when you previously might have been.
  • Toxic or abusive / agressive relationships.

As a couple, it’s so important to address sexual issues because hiding your head in the sand simply won’t make it go away or improve it, in fact it will likely exacerbate it. Sexual concerns on both sides, or even on one side can ultimately turn to resentment and create a relationship that is practically just a friendship. While some couples might deem themselves happy and satisfied with that as the stresses and strains of life, kids and/or work take hold, ignoring the underlying non-sexual element to your relationship can long term, be damaging. TALK IT THROUGH with your partner and discuss whether you need professional help by also discussing with your doctor who can advise on a therapist if necessary.

Possible Psychological Factors for a Low Libido in Women

The Mayo Clinic Talks Through Possible Psych’ Factors Impacting on Female Sex Drive

Increasing Libido in Women - Seek Expert Help!

Like any health concern that you have, it is always advisible to seek some medical intervention. This can be as simple as chatting to your local GP; there is no need to be embarrassed talking about things like this as this is what your doctor is there for and it’s quite a common complaint so you won’t be unique! Make a list of your sexual concerns (maybe chat with your partner if that’s relevant) and go prepared to your GP, detailing your sexual distress. Even if you consider it minor, if it’s concerning or upsetting you, it’s something that clearly needs to be addressed and this is one way to attempt to resolve it!

Upping Your Sex Drive - Helpful Remedies for Women

Libido Female

If seeking medical intervention is not for you or you’re not quite at that stage, there are a few things that you can try yourself...

  • Masturbation is a wonderful way to explore your own body and to get to know what sensations you like. Masturbation is wonderful because you can take it at your own pace, enjoy it in total privacy and if you don’t enjoy masturbating one way, you can simply stop and try another technique. We have a nice guide on getting started with masturbation with lots of tips and advice!
  • Things like sports, exercise or dancing will help to raise your endorphin levels and make you feel better about yourself so try to incorporate some activity in your day.
  • If you are in a relationship, take time to have physical contact like kissing or hugging (separate to the bedroom). These behaviours reinforce the physical side of your relationship and might help to restimulate something further in you.
  • Try some sex toys! We, of course might be biased but adult toys are a fantastic way to add a new or extra dimension to your relationship. If it’s just a case of things going a bit stale in the bedroom, a new toy is ideal to kick things up a notch. Obviously chat with your partner first (or if you think they’d prefer a surprise, go for it!), and see what angle of your sex life is lacking. Maybe you don’t orgasm from penetration? A bullet vibe or a vibrating cock ring could be the answer! Top tip...always use lube as it makes play more comfortable and stimulating!
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