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How to Increase Libido...
in Men!

When we talk about the subject of libido, it really is important to remember that there is no “normal” level in that everyone is different and what one person considers a healthy and strong libido might be low to someone else. The issue arises when your libido becomes a genuine concern for you or for you as part of a couple. In terms of increasing it, there are some things you can try but first let’s look at what might possibly be causing a lack of libido.

Possible Reasons for a Low Libido in Men

(1) Physical (2) Psychological (3) And sometimes it’s both

Possible Reasons for a Low Libido in Men

How Do Relationship Issues Cause a Low Libido in Guys?

How Do Relationship Issues Cause a Low Libido in Guys

  • When there is poor communication between the couple.
  • Sexual needs and expectations are not being met on one side.
  • Infidelity.
  • Sexual attraction between partners has disappeared.
  • Abusive / aggressive relationships.

As a couple, it’s so important to address any sexual issues if and when they arise; a low libido is definitely something that needs to be addressed. Ignoring it or simply hoping that it will go away just isn’t realistic or fair to your partner or to yourself for that matter as sexual expression can be quite rewarding and fulfilling. Not trying to “fix” things can ultimately lead to resentment on the side of your partner and just exacerbate your relationship’s overall problems. There is a possibility that some couples deem themselves happy and satisfied with a low amount or no sexual aspect to their relationship; this can occur maybe as the stresses and strains of life, children and/or work take hold but ignoring the underlying non-sexual element to your relationship can long term, be damaging and ultimately lead to a relationship becoming just a friendship and thus be non-fulfilling. Discuss matters openly with your partner and decide whether you need professional help by also chatting with your doctor who can advise on a therapist if necessary.

We like this video from a the Mayo Clinic where they explain why some guys have lower libido and they also explain the possible causes.

Low sexual desire in men - causes and solutions!

Increasing Libido in Men - Seek Your Doctor’s Help!

You should of course always take time to speak with your doctor about any medical concerns and a low libido can fall under this umbrella. Obviously you need to feel comfortable discussing these matters with your doctor but do remember, they are used to dealing with issues like this every single day so they will be well placed to help you or advise further courses of action such as referring you to a sexual therapist if needed.

Upping Your Sex Drive - Helpful Remedies for Men

Upping Your Sex Drive - Helpful Remedies for Men

If you’re not quite at the stage where you want to or feel you need to go to the doctor, there are some remedies to try yourself such as these:

Masturbation is a fantastic way to get you into the mood but crucially it allows you to understand what sexually sensations you like. Once you know that, you can express intimately to a partner what really turns you on. Sometimes, this might take time so trial and error with masturbation. We have a comprehensive guide on the topic of masturbation which we promise will teach you some new manoeuvres.

Exercise is important for your health but also to raise your endorphin levels; this will make you feel better about yourself so attempt to incorporate some type of activity (sports, walking, jogging) into your daily life.

If you are in a relationship, physical contact is vital. It might sound simplistic but kissing or hugging outside of the bedroom; for example a kiss before you or your partner leaves for work is really nice. This might help to stimulate something further in you and your relationship and lead to something further...

Use some sex toys! Of course we’re probably a bit biased here at Carvaka but we do believe that using an adult toy whether it’s part of a masturbation sesh’ or as part of your relationship can really ignite your desires. If you’re new to adult toys, we’d recommend a cock ring like this one. Cock rings are fantastic to make your erection harder for longer and you can even get versions with added vibrations… it’s all a bit of something extra! Or perhaps you’re a little concerned about the size of your penis and it’s impacting your bedroom confidence. Well then you need to try out a penis sleeve or penis sheath. They can add some extra inches and are really easy to use (here’s our penis sleeve guide to explain more!). Top tip...get into the habit of using lube or sex gel as it makes play more comfortable for everyone!

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