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How to GetHarder Erections

How to get harder erections is something that preys on the mind of many men all over the world. A really hard erection feels great; it gives a sense of immense thrill and it generally makes for a spectacular climax. So are there ways to get a harder erection? Read on because it’s time to strengthen your penis for firmer erections, better sexual experiences and jaw dropping lasting power between the sheets.

Getting Harder Erections - The Facts

Getting Harder Erections - The Facts

#Fact 1 - It’s an Issue for Many Guys!

According to a study in the American Journal of Medicine, 85% of guys aged between 20 and 39 say they “always” or “almost always” can get and maintain an erection. That means that 15% indicate they have difficulty in achieving a hard erection occasionally at the very least. For men aged between 40-59, the study documented that only 20% of this category could get a healthy enough erection for sex most of the time. So even getting an erection of any kind is clearly an issue for some.

Fact #2 - There are Different Types of Erections!

Those morning hard-ons? They’re referred to as a nocturnal erection and have little to do with sexual stimulation; they manifest themselves when you are in the deep REM stage of sleep. There’s also the psychogenic erection which is brought on by audiovisual arousal (e.g. porn’) or imagination (but no contact). Finally the most common erection type is the reflexogenic erection which is caused by physical contact.

Fact #3 - Shoe Size & Penis Size Have No Connection!

Even the British Journal Of Urology International did a study on this and there is also absolutely no evidence that shoe size is correlated to the size of your penis/erection.

Fact #4 - There Have Been Studies to Examine Average Penis Size!

In 2014, the "Am I Normal" study examined more than 15,000 men in the UK; it found that the average erect penis was 5.16 inches (13.1cm), while the average flaccid penis was 3.61 inches (9.2cm).

Harder Erections - How Does the Penis Become Erect?

Erection Physiology

Penis Anatomy

Getting a Harder Erection & Keeping it - Advice

Getting a Harder Erection & Keeping it - Advice

It’s important to prelude this section with a warning: we are not doctors so if you have serious concerns about erections or lack of them and it’s becoming an ongoing issue, it is always better to speak with your doctor. Do not be embarrassed about speaking to your doctor about something like this because as a medical professional who has studied for years on problems like this, they won’t find it odd or peculiar. Explain clearly your erection/impotence concerns and listen to their advice about medical solutions because there are options! To help you along, we have put together some simple and actionable “advice” below to attempt to achieve that rock hard penis!

Get Some Exercise
Method 1 - Get Some Exercise!

Aerobic exercise (cardio, cardio, cardio!) will help maintain your blood vessel health which is all positive for blood flow to your main member. Adding some Kegel pelvic floor exercises also will strengthen the penile muscles that retain the blood keeping that erection harder.

Stop Smoking
Method 2 - Stop Smoking!

Ok so everyone knows that smoking is not good for your health but did you know that it could be preventing you from achieving your rock hard erection? “In addition to damaging blood vessels, smoking may cause damage to penile tissue itself, making it less elastic and preventing it from stretching,” says Urologist Irwin Goldstein, M.D., at the Boston University Medical Centre.

Lose Weight
Method 3 - Lose Weight!

Excess fat around the stomach/gut area can lead to a higher chance of acquiring diabetes which is a leading cause of impotence so it makes sense to keep order to your daily calorie intake and partake in regular exercise.

Reduce Stress
Method 4 - Reduce Stress!

Of course, this is easier said than done but it’s important to know that stress can be an erectile killer. Hardening of the arteries can occur as a long term result of stress which will exacerbate the issue of weaker erections among other health problems! Try to find stress-relieving activities that suit your lifestyle such as walking, yoga, swimming or meditation.

Check Your Medication
Method 5 - Check Your Medication!

In conjunction with your doctor, do some research to find out if any medication that you are on has any sexual side effects which are impacting on your erection strength. It’s vital to involve your doctor in this conversation and not just simply cease taking medication should you fear it’s the cause of your erection problems.

Masturbate Without Porn
Method 6 - Masturbate Without Porn!

Your imagination is a wonderful thing so use it to masturbate in replacement of porn’ from time to time. This is a good way of “training” your penis to connect better with your stimulated brain. If masturbating without porn’ is something you’re unused to, try including some sex toys to help. We’d recommend this male masturbator as a beginner to these types of adult toys. You can also do some further reading on achieving the most from your male masturbator with this “handy” guide!

Getting a Harder Erection - Adult Toys to Help!

There are an array of high quality adult toys available which can help you in your quest for a harder erection. Once again we do say that if your erection problems persist, visit your doctor for advice. In the meantime, below are some sex aids to try!

Cock / Penis Rings
Cock / Penis Rings

Cock rings / penis rings / love rings as they’re known are a hugely popular male adult toy and a great place to start if you’re a beginner to male toys but they’re also a great tool in helping you become rock hard. They work by putting pressure around the base of the penis thereby pushing blood into the shaft and helping to hold an erection. Read everything you need to know about penis rings in our comprehensive guide!

Penis Pumps
Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are another option for a harder erection as they help bring blood into the penis to make it erect, helping to improve circulation and thus enhancing sensitivity and pleasure. They also deliver a wonderfully pleasant suction sensation (some have a vibration setting for extra oomph!) to not only assist with achieving an erection but providing an orgasm when used as a masturbation accessory. Read more about choosing the perfect penis pump in our guide!


Add a lube product when using any of the above sex toys to really enhance the experience. Water-based lube is best to begin with as it won’t damage any silicone toys and it’s easy to wash off bed sheets and clothing. If you’re masturbating solo, also try using lube to gently massage your penis as you relax and stimulate yourself to a stronger erection. The key to a good experience is to take things slow and immerse yourself in your imagination (if you’re not using porn’) and to really feel the sensations of your throbbing penis as you progress to a climactic ending. The most important thing is to slow things down, don’t rush it and while this might take practice, you’ll help to “train” your penis to react stronger in the long run especially if you’re not stressed about achieving it “harder, faster, stronger”… think more along the lines of “slower, smoother, harder” ..and then it will be stronger! Yay! :-)

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