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OK, the most important thing to point out straight away is that male dildos are for ALL MEN not just gay men! Sometimes when straight men think about masturbation, they often think only about their penis and neglect their prostate (P-Spot). Gay men on the other hand know all about the prostate and how good it feels to massage it. So gay or straight, if you have a prostate, then massaging it feels good! The other misconception is that double dildos are designed for lesbians or gay men but not straight men - wrong! While gay men can mutually stimulate one another internally with a double ended dildo and lesbian women can do likewise, so too can a straight man with a woman. So guys, whatever your sexuality and whether solo or with a partner (regardless of gender) a male dildo will give your P-Spot the loving it has been craving!

Find Your P-Spot with a Male Dildo / Gay Dildo / Dildo for Men

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