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G-Spot Ecstasy Wand Attachment

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Hi, I’m Samantha Jones and in this video I will be talking about the G-Spot Ecstasy Wand Attachment. This has 3.5 inches of insertable length and 5 inches of girth at its widest point. The cap has 7 inches of circumference; it’s made out of a TPR rubber. What makes this really great is it has this bulbous tip which is coated in these tiny nodules for a really stimulating massage focused on the g-spot. Then these nodules continue to the outside to cover your vulva and perineal and clitoral area for really nice all over sensation. It is an attachment for a wand so to use it, just place it on top of the head of your wand, you can use a little bit of lube for easier gliding on and once it’s on, you can see how it can take your wand to the next level. Then once you’ve finished, peel back the rubber and gently but firmly pull it off!

Quick Overview

The G-Spot Ecstasy Wand Attachment is a stimulation overload! It features a g-spot stimulating shaft with 3.5 nches of insertable length and 5 inches of girth at its widest point and clitoral and anal ticklers that have tiny bumps along the inside surface to stimulate the vulva and perineum for an all over sensation. The attachment has a circumference of 7 inches. Available in a beautiful white, this attachment will give you an amazing all over sensation that will give you orgasm after orgasm!

Product Specification

Colour White
Full Length 6.25 Inches
Insertable Length 3.5 Inches
Girth 5 Inches
Circumference 7 Inches
Material / Texture / Feel TPR
Waterproof Yes
Flexibility Flexible
Curved Tip Yes

Customer Reviews

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I bought this along with a wand as a surprise for my wife we were going through a dry patch and after talking to the customer support, i thought to try to make things bit more interesting. The wand was very strong and it was great for my back and neck, however when i put the attachment on, i couldn’t wait to use i on my wife. She loved the wand, she showed me how she could use it without the attachment which was very hot for me and she really enjoyed the attachment. I even got to watch my favourite show live instead of on catch up!
Bisexual Married Male
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