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Durex Latex Free Condoms 12 Pack

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Quick Overview

The Durex selection of latex free condoms are the perfect choice even if you or your partner don’t have a latex allergy as they will give a very natural and sensuous experience. Made from a relatively new synthetic material called polyisoprene, they are actually 0.05mm thinner than latex condoms but are still strong and totally reliable. These latex free condoms are slightly longer than regular Durex condoms at 205mm and are also marginally more expensive than their regular counterparts also. This is due to a more complicated manufacturing process which also includes the usual rigorous testing methods operated by Durex for their high standards. These transparent condoms have a teated end and are lubricated for extra comfort and fit; the nominal width of each individually wrapped condom is 56mm and this choice comes in a convenient 12 pack.

Product Specification

SKU 12990
Size Medium
Flavour Unflavoured
Condom Material Polyisoprene
Texture Smooth
Thickness Regular
Lubricated Yes
Spermicidal No
Sensation none

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