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Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos really are a fantastically versatile sex toy. While double dildos are typically used with a partner, there is certainly no law against using alone! When using with a partner, simply slip one end into your vagina or anus (depending on gender / preference) and the other into your partner. While double dildos are typically used by lesbian ladies, they can't hog all the fun! Gay and straight men alike can make great use of double ended dildos to massage their P-Spot while the other end of the dildo goes to work on your partner. For women using alone, a double dildo can double up as a double penetration dildo with one end targeting the g-spot and the other wrapping around and going to work anally. Men using alone can just select the side that they prefer and give themselves a nice P-Spot massage. So whether gay or straight, male or female, alone or with a partner, a double ended dildo will really add a new level of pleasure.

Explore New Levels of Pleasure with Our Range of Double Ended Dildos

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