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Butt Plugs

The Butt Plug A Sex Toy Essential

A butt plug is a specific type of sex toy which is used to insert into the anus of a man or a woman. Some people use them for sexual satisfaction and pleasure, others use them to “train” their anus in the lead up to full on anal penetration and there’s likely people who use them for a mix of both.

In terms of shape, they come in many different materials, shapes and sizes but for the most part, they are designed to fit the contours of the anal rectal passage and they will almost always have a flared base or a wider base than the insertion element of the toy. It’s important to only use dedicated butt plugs especially if you are a beginner to anal play; butt plugs won’t get lost in the rectal area due to their flared or wider bases.

Why Use a Butt Plug?

Nerve endings exist throughout the anal areas of both men and women and stimulating them can provide immense pleasure; butt plugs and other anal toys will assist in achieving that stimulation so what’s not to love!

Men & The P-Spot
Butt Plug 101: Male Anatomy Including the Prostate

There are likely many who would believe that men get their sexual satisfaction from their external genitalia namely stimulation of their penis, testicles, perineum and so on; we hear countless chatter about the G-spot in women but there also exists the P-spot! The P-spot essentially is the prostate muscle in the male anatomy as outlined in the diagram above. Stimulation of this area (which feels like a chestnut sized ball) can result in some spectacular results so it’s a shame for guys not to make the most of this area.

Check out this famous “Milking the Prostate” scene from the 2000 movie “Road Trip”.
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Prostate stimulation for gay men is often achieved via basic anal penetration and in this article from Bustle, you really get an insight of the sensations that are felt when the P-spot gets some focus. For the heterosexual man, it seems like he is missing out so that’s where anal sex toys come in! If you’re in a hetero’ relationship, you too can get on the P-spot bandwagon and a great place to start is with the butt plug.

So what’s the lowdown on men and butt plugs?

Before moving to butt plugs, you can also have some fun with other aspects of anal play, namely rimming or anal fingering. If you’re going down the route of any anal play with your partner, you will need to consider douching the area; both rimming and douching are extensively covered in our anal sex post.

So let’s say it’s your first time trying out anal play with a partner; that partner be they male or female will need to also do some house-keeping in the form of ensuring their nails aren’t going to injure the recipient’s anal area. If he/she is going to be fumbling around the guy’s anal entrance and passages, infection is possible as tissue there is sensitive and can tear easily, so nails shouldn’t be sharp! (Ouch!)

Lube is an absolute must for any anal play and you can get specific anal lube which is of a thicker consistency than other lubes. The anal passage doesn’t self lubricate so that’s why it’s really important.

So once you’ve tried anal fingering you might want to step things up a little by introducing a butt plug. Or perhaps it’s a solo run and you want to experience the P-spot? It’s understandable you would be inquisitive as the sensations are tremendous so prepare for some wondrous sessions. There are many types, shapes and styles of butt plug available for you to choose from but it’s important to keep in mind what stage your anal “training” is at; start small and gain experience from there.

Some butt plugs are static and others are vibrating and you can also buy inflatable plugs. This is a fantastic beginner’s vibrating butt plug. Butt plugs should have a flared base towards the end of them in order to prevent the toy from literally getting lost up your anal passage; it’s important that you only use dedicated butt plugs for this reason!

Improving the Butt Plug Experience for Men

So many of us have heard how women can work towards strengthening their pelvic floor muscles through exercise and specific Kegel toys, well guess what? Men can do some internal exercises to improve sensations to their precious P-spot too! Here’s how:

The Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles exist to assist men in maintaining urination control and penis blood flow, but it can also help them during orgasm. Strengthening this area is key to longer P-spot orgasms as you have more control. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to clench your butt cheeks and anus (act like you’re suppressing wind!).

Women & the Butt Plug Experience

Unlike a vibrator or dildo, a butt plug is designed to stay in place and give a wonderful full feeling. You can of course get vibrating butt plugs but they will again stay in place. Some women adore movement and adjustment of their vibrator when used on the clitoris for example. Thrusting vibes are also fantastic for vaginal penetration and hitting the internal hot spots. Some women like to insert a static butt plug, leave it there and engage in other sexual (and non sexual!) activities like vaginal penetration and believe that it adds to the overall sexual enthral.

Butt Plug: Understanding the Female Sexual Experience

Improving the Butt Plug Experience for Women

So double penetration can be achieved by incorporating a butt plug while a woman is simultaneously penetrated in the vagina. If it’s a guy who is thrusting into the woman (women to women sometimes use strapon dildos for vaginal penetration), then he might also get a benefit from this too through the vaginal wall. If the woman is wearing a vibrating butt plug, not only will she experience incredible sensations but her male partner will also likely feel the impact on his penis upon penetration which really makes the session interesting!

If you’re a total newcomer as a woman to anal play, it’s important to train the anus as otherwise inserting anything like a butt plug is simply going to be an uncomfortable experience and will likely turn you off the whole anal sex idea. Use plenty lubricant as always and with anal specific lube, which is of a thicker consistency, you should apply plenty to the anal area itself as well as the butt plug.

Butt Plugs Leading to the Main Event

While there are some women who use butt plugs to enhance for example, an oral sex session they receive on their clit’ and others wear one to reduce the amount of pelvic space thereby giving their partner a tighter vaginal penetration experience, there are others who use anal plugs to simply train their anal passage in the lead up to anal sex. Starting with a small plug here is advisable and then build up until the experience is 100% comfortable.

Men & Women: How Long is Safe to Wear a Butt Plug?

Wear a Butt Plug

Some people can only tolerate having a butt plug in place for a short few minutes especially as a beginner but there are some people who say they are able to comfortably wear a plug for many hours. It’s important to build your experience so start small and work your way up in “training” your anus; it’s a fun kind of training!

However it is important to understand that if, at any time of using a butt plug you notice pain, discomfort and/or bleeding, you should remove the plug immediately. Anatomically, beyond 2-3 inches into the anal passage, pain receptors like we have in the skin do not exist, so sensations of discomfort might not be something you immediately recognise. Cramps, or a feeling of bloating can also be signs of damage so be sure to remove the toy straight away. As previously advised, as long as you take things slowly and build up your experience, you’re unlikely to have any issues.

We would however recommend not wearing butt plugs for longer than 2-3 hours at a time, even when you’ve found yourself at a comfortable stage and have built up your plug experience.

Butt Plugs: Cleaning & Storage

As with all other sex toys, you shouldn’t share them with anyone so as to prevent potential sharing of blood and body fluids. If you believe that they are going to be used on multiple people, insist on placing a condom on the toy and obviously change the condom between users. Clean your sex toy after use with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner and dry before storing carefully in order to prolong its use.

Butt Plug Selection
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