Ultimate Guide to Amazon

What is Amazon Prime?

OK, let’s take a step back here - before we talk about Amazon Prime Day, we need to answer “what the heck is Amazon Prime?!” Amazon Prime is Amazon’s membership scheme which anyone can sign up to for £7.99/month in the UK or $10.99 in the US. In return, you get a slew of benefits that really make this incredible value for money. So what do you get for your money?

Free Shipping on Millions of Qualifying Products

Free Shipping

We all love online shipping but we all hate shipping costs right? If so, Amazon Prime may be the solution. Any product which has the Amazon Prime logo showing is eligible for free shipping to Prime members. For regular online shoppers, all this free shipping can add up quite quickly. This benefit alone makes Amazon Prime a great option if you like to shop online regularly. Also because items marked with the Prime logo are either shipped by Amazon directly from their fulfillment centre or by a retailer that has passed some pretty rigorous quality controls, you can be sure your item will arrive on time and as described.

All the products in the green boxes with the Amazon Prime Logo are eligible for free shipping to Prime Members.

Access to Amazon Prime Video - Replacement to Netflix?

Amazon Prime Video

This is Amazon’s version of Netflix and comes fully loaded with thousands of movies and tv series including Amazon Original productions such as the newest incarnation of the original Top Gear which is called The Grand Tour. Given that you are unlikely to need Amazon Prime and Netflix and Netflix costs £5.99/month, Amazon Prime really starts to stack up as an offering. Sign up for a 30 day free trial to get a feel for the selection on offer to see if it is a genuine alternative to Netflix or any other movie subscription for which you may currently be paying.

Access to Amazon Prime Music?

Amazon Prime Music

While this is certainly a useful feature, it is unlikely to be enough on its own for those who like listening to a lot of music. A lot of the newer songs require additional payment, taking the good out of being a Prime Member. However as you are getting this on top of free shipping, then it is certainly another perk albeit unlikely to be a realistic replacement to Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc on its own for example.

Access to Prime Reading

Prime Reading

This maybe of some interest but the selection of free books will likely mean that avid readers will run out of options pretty quickly so if you are a keen reader, this is unlikely to be enough for you and you will need to subscribe to Audible (also owned by Amazon) or buy books from another site.

All in all, for just £7.99/month, even the most skeptical would have to conclude that you do get quite a lot for your money. Those thinking that Prime is a silver bullet for shipping, music, tv/movie and reading requirements will likely be disappointed but on balance, it is a pretty damn good deal!

As you can cancel at any time, if you do decide for whatever reason it’s not for you, you are not tied into a long term contract. On that basis, signing up for a free 30 day trial would certainly seem like a good idea if some of the features mentioned above are of interest. So now that you know all about Amazon Prime, let’s talk about Prime Day.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

In the UK, Prime Day begins at 6pm on Monday July 10th and runs all day and up to midnight on the 11th. In the USA, it kicks off at 9pm ET on July 10th and runs until 3am ET on July 12th.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is a huge sale event that Amazon runs once per year at summer time with the discounts on offer available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. The first Prime Day was in 2015 to mark Amazon’s 20th birthday so this year’s Prime Day marks the third time the day has been celebrated. Last year, Slice Intelligence reported that 77% of all online purchases in the US on Prime Day were on Amazon and that the day was their best ever in terms of sales; some analysts estimate that it may well be a billion Dollar day! So in short, it’s kind of a big deal!

Think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday all rolled into one but only on Amazon and exclusively for Amazon Prime members - obviously Amazon sees this as a means of driving Amazon Prime subscriptions. Cunning deal hunters can consider signing up for a free 30 day trial in the days leading up to the event and cancelling after you are all deal’d out but Amazon’s bet is that many will be so impressed, that they’ll choose to stick around! Most do with 73% of users choosing not to cancel after the trial period ends and a very impressive 91% of Prime Members renew after the first year.

Will Everything on Amazon be On Sale on Amazon Prime Day?

No, remember that the majority of products on Amazon are actually sold by third party retailers and many of these are already tight on margin so don’t really have much more to give in terms of discounts. What will definitely be on sale will be the products that Amazon makes and/or sell itself such as the Echo, Fire Tablets / Sticks, set-top-boxes and more. If you are planning any big purchase, it is definitely worth waiting for though as the likelihood is that the item you are looking for will be on sale!

How Many Members does Amazon Prime Have?

The exact number isn’t known as this is a closely guarded secret within Amazon. However, it is estimated that the number lies somewhere between 65-80 million globally - so more than the entire population of the UK!

So all that is left to say now is: Happy Prime Day!!