Beginner to Sex Toys

Here at Carvaka, to say that we love our sex toys would be an understatement; we take pride in our collection because we want to offer the most amazing selection of sex toys at the best prices. People have varying sexual needs and it is important to keep those in mind when we add to our sex toy choices on our site. While there is an abundant community out there of adult toy aficionados who crave the addition of a new toy as much as they love reverting back to one of their old faves, there are many people who as yet haven’t made that first foray into the sex toy world. Being a newcomer to the world of sex toys is common but it’s easy to get started and while at first glance, the choice may perplex you, finding your toy of choice is all about isolating what specific need(s) you wish to satisfy.

Sex Toys Misconceptions

The sex toy world and industry is misconceived by many; some see it as a seedy and murky place where only sex craved and sex starved singletons hang out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The sex toy industry is big business; global sales in 2014 were said to be beyond the $15 billion mark so there’s more than the odd individual buying them. Unfortunately however, that doesn’t stop people from, for the most part, being shy about admitting their penchant for a vibrator or love eggs or the many anal sex toys on offer and it’s a shame because sex toys should not be seen as seedy or dirty; in fact they should be viewed as a means of inviting extra pleasure into one’s life.

The Joy of Sex Toys

Sex toys bring joy to many people from all echelons of society, all orientations, single, married and/or in relationships. Sex toys are certainly used by the single and unattached people of the world and form a wonderful part of delivering unbridled sexual pleasure without the need of a partner. Sex toys too have a place in delivering joy to couples: Lesbian couples use (amongst other adult toys) strapons to experience vaginal and anal penetration with a dildo, male to males can add some zest to their sex lives with the use of toys such as prostate massagers, anal beads, cock rings and so much more. For hetero’ couples, a sedate sex life is no longer a fear through the introduction of any number of sex toys… strapons for pegging, bondage gear, penis sleeves, the list is endless for simply everyone!

Sex Toy Starter Kit

Beginner to Sex Toys: Wand Massager
Wand Vibrator
Beginner to Sex Toys: Bullet Vibrator
Bullet Vibrator
Beginner to Sex Toys: Small Vibrator
Small Vibrator

So for someone who hasn’t used sex toys before, where should they begin? Well it really does depend on what you sexual need that you feel like satisfying. If you’re a lady and wish to have some vibrator fun out of sheer curiosity then a bullet or smaller vibrator is a great place to begin. With a bullet vibe or small vibe, you can experience the sensation of the toy on your erogenous zones such as against your clitoris or perhaps the nipple area. Go for something that is easy to use because once you master it, you can always try something more adventurous in terms of varying vibrational modes and the like. Lube for any sex toy user is an essential so be sure to stock up on that too and best to start with a water based lubricant in particular because that won’t damage your sex toy whatever its material.

If you’re a guy and you want to delve into the world of adult toys, a nice place to begin is with a male masturbator. While many men would be of the belief that all they require for a top notch masturbation experience is some perky porn and a little privacy, a male masturbator is a wonderful way to enhance a delicious experience by encasing the penis and assisting the journey towards a careering climax.

For a hetero’ or homosexual couple, a cock ring should be the first selection in developing your arsenal of sex toys; a cock ring, as the name suggests will comfortably fit around a guy’s penis (some come with an additional ring for the testicles but let’s take baby steps first!). Penis rings are great to enhance an erection and prolong its hardness. Some of them come with a vibration option and this has the added bonus of pleasuring the partner in the equation so it’s a win-win!

Becoming a Sex Toy Expert

Once you take your tentative steps into sex toys, there really is a wealth of choice but by starting off slowly, you can isolate what you like and dislike about the sex toys you initially choose. You’ll become accustomed to what materials you like – silicone, jelly rubber, glass, or metal; you’ll understand whether you like wide girthed or lengthy toys; you’ll know what moves you to climax anally, be it a prostate massager or vibrating butt plug and so on. The important thing is to keep an open mind when it comes to sex toys and who knows, from once being a beginner, you could find yourself sitting in your bedroom spread-eagled, ball-gag in mouth, with a faux-fur anal butt plug safely ensconced as you chase that next hedonistic thrill.