For the most part, women see a connection between sex, love and emotion. For guys it can be a little different. Men have massive amounts of testosterone coursing around their body which means at the slightest urging, their penis can move into action in the form of a sprightly erection. A man’s desire is physical by its nature and the testosterone is driving this pulsating sexual expression in their crotch. For younger guys this is regular as their hormones are in overdrive and erections can spring at the slightest provocation...sometimes at the most awkward of moments! For many men, orgasm is a reliable outlet or stress reliever and can help to ease their daily grind. Flirtations, stolen glances, sexual images, and innuendoes can all form part of positive sexual energy for a guy. The topic of sex is intriguing; people - both men and women, think about sex a lot but they can sometimes be reserved in talking about it or expressing their desires openly. The world’s appetite for sex is not in doubt however as sales of sex toys and traffic to porn’ sites continues to rise (pardon the pun!). We have put together a video which looks at some of the more interesting facts surrounding sex and men, some of which might surprise you! Astound your friends as you tell them the average length of a penis or how much sperm is actually in a sample of semen… and as for the speed of the ejaculate? Well that’s at a world record pace! Find out more in the video below!