Inclusiveness and acceptance into society are issues for same sex couples all over the world for many years and the topic of same sex marriage is something that continues to come to the fore in their quest for equality. While many countries like Ireland, Belgium, Brazil, the USA among others have voted on same sex marriage and returned a positive result, there are unfortunately still lots of countries who have not yet done so. Having the option to legally marry your partner has repercussions in relation to taxation, inheritance and more so it’s understandably a topic that is hugely important to many. In lots of countries, we have seen people take to the streets in order to fight for this right to be brought to the vote and countless people continue to lobby their government. We have put together a video which shows how far nations around the globe have come in relation to legalising same sex marriage… it’s important we celebrate these accomplishments but continue to fight for same sex marriage equality in those countries that remain mute on the topic.