Rumuki – The Private Sex Tape App

When couples are trying to heat things up in the bedroom there are a few common trends that pop up. Sex toys and role playing are probably two of the most popular, but making a sextape tops the lists of many. A recent study from Pornhub shows just how much our nearest neighbours, the Irish, enjoy putting on a show. Of course, you’d only ever make a sextape with someone you trust, but what happens when that relationship hits the rocks? Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

Sextapes: A History

Even back in the days of using Sellotape to record over a VHS tape, couples were making their own amateur sextapes in the bedroom. Production values and quality were fairly shocking, but still, these were the trailblazers. Then the first Trainspotting movie was released. In the space of just a few minutes, the world was both inspired by and terrified of sextapes, as Renton decides to steal his mates’ homemade masterpiece.


Fast forward a few years and everyone has a Hollywood quality camera in their pocket and sharing huge video files is easier than ever. Just like Trainspotting over 20 years ago, the temptation is there to immortalise yourself in some video footage. But also like 20 years ago, the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s sextapes being leaked makes everyone hesitate before submitting to their desires.

The Safe Way to Make a Sextape

If you could just remove the risk of your sextape being leaked to the world following a fight or a nasty breakup, couples would be ‘Steven Spielberging’ in the bedroom in no time. This is why Rumuki is the coolest step in the history of making sextapes. Until now, making a sextape ran the risk of the world seeing your bits. Rumuki is a liberating app that needs two parties, as in you and your better half, to allow a video to be played. That means if you break up with someone, the video they have is completely useless without your permission to let them watch it.


Even fears of the service being hacked can be put to the side. Rumuki does not store any of your data, it’s all saved locally on your device, password protected, safe and sound.


Unfortunately, if your other half is a little more conservative in the bedroom, there really aren’t any reasons left to not give making a sextape a go. Of course, if they’re really not into it, you could offer them the option of anal beads - the choice is theirs.


Rumuki is available now for iOS