Everyone knows of the great O, and everyone wants to experience it. For women it takes a little more work to reach orgasm and not all women come through intercourse alone; some need to have clitoral stimulation to reach their climax. So we decided to compile this guide to help find that perfect cocktail of sensations that will help you make a woman come!

Making a woman come


This is crucial, no one knows better than themselves on how to give a self-orgasm. So next time you are having some friendly lovin’, ask your partner to guide you. This is fantastic for your relationship as it is involving the both of you in the erotic experience. Creating fantasy talk between yourselves will provide a powerful visualisation and will help to achieve the target of making her come. Also who doesn’t like a woman in control of her own pleasure?!


This is one of the most underrated parts of sex. This is when the passion is ignited and the quest for climaxing begins! During foreplay, blood vessels open up to allow more blood to rush to the vagina, clitoris and the labia which sensitises the entire vulva, creating a flushed appearance and the whole area becomes lubricated. This is when you know that your partner is completely ready, physically and mentally, to be driven to their orgasm. Find out what your partner likes in terms of foreplay; perhaps they like a massage, little kisses around the neck, licking motions - there are so many options and all are fun!

The Trigasm!

This is an amazing sensation for the ladies. You will blow her mind with this one! A trigasm is when the clitoris, g-spot and cervix are stimulated at the same time. The best way to create the trigasm is by stimulating the clitoris with the tongue and using your fingers, stimulate the g-spot and cervix together. This creates a massive sensation overload and a huge blended climax which stimulates different nerve endings in her body to create a stronger, more powerful orgasm. What’s not to love about that?!


The Stunning Doxy

If your partner has difficulty reaching climax then it really does help to add a different sensation to the mix. Using sex toys allows for new sensations with vibrations and pulsations which can all help to bring her to a climax. One of the recommended toys to use for difficulty climaxing is what is called a vibrating magic wand. The very first body wand was the Hitachi Wand Massager. This was originally used as a body massager for aches and pains in the late 60s but it was found to produce intense orgasms for women and was quickly put to work for that purpose. The Hitachi is no longer available in the UK but the (UK-made) Doxy wand is an amazing alternative and it is actually 30% more powerful than the famous Hitachi! The Doxy is a powerhouse of intense sensations that rumbles and rolls across the clitoris which will make your partner scream in delight! It is guaranteed to never fail and as it is mains powered you can go for hours with this beauty without having to worry about batteries or charging it. Browse our full range of wand vibrators to ignite some heated passion in the bedroom.


Another option in helping a woman to come can be to mix it up in terms of sex positions. Not only will this be fun but it might help to hit the spot for her to reach climax. These are some of the positions that sex therapist Beverly Whipple recommends will help ladies get to their anticipated climax:

The Woman on Top: Positions such as the Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and the Squat are ideal for the lady to find what angle is best for stimulating the g-spot.


Rear Entry Position: Positions where the penis rubs against the front wall of the vagina where the g-spot is located, so Doggystyle, the Lover's position, the Passionate Lover’s position and Advanced Doggystyle are ideal for this type of entry.


The Man on Top: Where you are hovering over or on top of your partner, so positions such as the Bamboo Splitter, the Yawning position and the Kneeling Man position. These allow for deeper penetration and stimulation of the g-spot.

Triple Stimulation

This is the triple whammy of O’s. Communication is key for this tip! The triple stimulation  method consists of clitoral, g-spot and anal stimulation. This is when during intercourse, while the g-spot is being stimulated, the clitoris and anus are gently rubbed. Due to the high amount of nerve endings in both the clitoris and anus, the sensations can quickly make her come! The best positions for this are: Doggystyle, Advanced Doggystyle and Advanced Reverse Cowgirl.

Multiple Oragsms

What is this, I hear you say? Multiple orgasms? Yes my dear reader, women are lucky enough to be able to go through multiple orgasms. This is made possible through continuous stimulation during an orgasm. As women don’t typically go through what is known as the refractory period (a passage of time where climax is unable to be reached) they are more likely to be able to have a string of orgasms after continuous stimulation of the clitoris or the g-spot (or a combination of the both). To best create this amazing phenomenon, massage the clitoris and the g-spot until orgasm and continue to stimulate these points during the climax, albeit gently; then increase the speed and intensity of the stimulation to trigger the next orgasm. This will highly intensify the next orgasm and will continue to do so until she has had enough!


As we have set out, making a woman come does require a little bit of effort and consideration. Communication is a key element so be sure to chat with your partner about what they like and also what they don’t like in terms of foreplay and stimulation during intercourse. Talking it through will highlight what will make her climax and everyone is different so what stimulates her may not stimulate another woman. While it might appear like a little hard work, don’t be fooled, you will get great pleasure in the eventual outcome and she will most certainly be happy with you so you are likely to get your own rewards!