Foreplay Kisses


When most couples think about foreplay they think of a little oral before sex. Foreplay can, and should, be much more. Great foreplay can take your sex life to whole new hot, steamy, passionate level.

Are you letting a boring foreplay routine keep you from having mind blowing sex? These 10 tips will get you off on whole new level.


Foreplay starts way before sex

First we need to change the idea that foreplay happens in that 5-10 minutes before sex.

Foreplay can start an hour earlier, that morning, or even several days in advance. The next time you’re passing each other in the hall, stop. Share a deep kiss. Then move on with your day.

Little fun romantic gestures throughout your week are going to be the kindling to your fire.


Dirty Talk

Dirty talking is very under rated. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, can be discreetly done anywhere, and is one of the hottest kinds of foreplay.

Before you say good bye in the morning, as you head off to work, tell your partner how attractive they are. Tell them you can’t wait to see them later.

Surprise them with a phone call while they are at work. Tell them you wish you were both naked in bed right now instead of being at work.

You’ll be on your partner’s mind all day. Telling someone how much you want them will instantly turn on their primal urges. You’ll probably make it difficult to have a productive day at the office too, and all for good reasons.


Sexual Body Language

Body language is an amazing form of nonverbal, sexy, communication. You could be turning on your partner and they wouldn’t know why!

Does your partner find your shoulders to be unbearably sexy? Give them a little flex when they have their eyes on you.

Take a little longer to get changed after work. As you’re taking off your pants bend over and make the motion a little more elaborate.

Body language is a subtle sexy tool we can easily add to our foreplay game.


Make Food Sexy

Chocolate, oysters, strawberries, and bananas are well known aphrodisiacs. But there are plenty more ways of making food sexy beyond just eating them.

Put a bowl of fruit like cherries, strawberries, and tangerine slices beside your bed. Put them in the fridge to get them nice and cold too. Put on some blindfolds and feed each other these sexy fruits. Run them all over your bodies, and feed each other without using your hands.

It won’t take long before you move on to the main course.

Alternatively, try to avoid heavy meals if you’re planning a sexy night. Nothing kills the mood like coming home from a romantic dinner and feeling like you need to put on your fat pants.



You can use technology as an extension to your dirty talking foreplay. Send your partner a sexy picture while they are at work. Or a simple text message telling them how much you want them right now.

It’s easy to get a little creative with your sexting. Send your partner a picture of the lingerie you’re going to be wearing later. Or a picture of the toy you want to use on them.

If you’re both comfortable with porn you could try exchanging your favourite scenes. You’ll both be rushing home to re-enact them later.

Of course, you should be very careful with how you use your technology. Don’t put anything online you wouldn’t want other people seeing. Be sure to put a NSFW tag on anything you’re sending your partner.

Foreplay Tips


Set the mood with a sexy outfit

A sexy outfit, coupled with confident body language, can be the ultimate form of foreplay. Lingerie, a schoolgirl outfit, and don’t forget the heels. All classics, and for good reason. They work!

The men shouldn’t forget about taking the extra effort to look sexy either. It’s not as obvious for the guys, but tight, well fitting underwear can go a long way. A nice shirt, tie, and well fitted pants can make any guy feel and look sexy.

If you’re planning a romantic night out on the town go that extra step to look hot for each other. Sometimes it’s what you’re NOT wearing that is just as important. Have you tried going commando? It’ll make for a sexy surprise for your partner.


Tantalizing Touches

There are many erogenous zones that go unattended during foreplay. The neck, shoulders, ears, fingers, and toes are all highly sensitive areas you should be spending extra time on.

How you touch them is just as important as what you’re touching. You can lightly run fingers over each other. Use your nails to leave some light scratches. Kiss every inch of each other.

Try to see how long you can kiss, touch, and bite every part of each other’s body without touching the genitals. Think you can last longer than 5 minutes?


Add Toys to Your Repertoire

Carvaka has an extensive catalogue of amazing toys you can use for foreplay. Classic vibrators, vibrating panties, and vibrating attachments for your fingers.

You can use toys to tease each other. Don’t be scared guys; there are lots of ways that men can enjoy vibrators without venturing into scary territory. It just takes some imagination and a little courage.

If you’re feeling a little risky take a toy with you on your romantic date. How close you get each other to orgasm without getting each other off?

Foreplay Tips


Light Bondage

Adding light bondage to your foreplay can make for a really intense evening. You don’t need to go all out with the whips, chains, and leashes. Stay with within your comfort zone.

Fuzzy handcuffs and a blindfold can be more than enough to bring the sexual energy to new heights.

Bondage, even the simplest kind, is always a little risky. Make sure you understand each other’s boundaries, and constantly be in communication with each other throughout the fun.


Sensual Massages

A massage is great for relieve those aches and pains from a long week. It’s also the perfect warm up to a sexy evening.

Light some candles, splurge on some quality massage oils, and take turns rubbing down every inch of each other’s bodies.

The smells, the silky smooth touch, and the light shining off your oily bodies will help set the mood. Before you know it the massage is no longer about relieving stress.


Foreplay Starts Right Now!

As you can see foreplay is a lot more than a primer right before sex. With the right attitude and some imagination you can find opportunities for foreplay anywhere, anytime.

Don’t let routine and laziness get in the way of hot, steamy, sex. The earlier you can start, and the longer you can extend your foreplay, the better your sex will be.

Now’s the best time to get the fire started. Go tell your partner how much you want them right now!


This blog was kindly written for us by Katie from is a great site that gives practical and fun advice to improve your relationship with your partner.