We hear them called BJs, blowjobs, head, fellatio …the list goes on but whatever you refer to it as, the act of giving a blowjob to a guy is something that he simply adores! Have you ever encountered a man who doesn’t enjoy a blowjob? It’s doubtful! It is likely however that you have met a woman or two who doesn’t enjoy giving head and that can happen for a number of reasons.

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable for a woman; as a woman, you have to contort your body into a position and stay there until your guy reaches his climax and if you suffer from any kind of back ache, it’s unlikely to help! Other women dislike the tension it places on their jaw because effectively, you’re ramming your mouth with a large (yay!) object and it can put pressure on your jaw which could begin to ache after a while!

All this moan-fest aside, there are of course lots of women who simply adore blowing their men; they revel in his enjoyment, they put their heart and soul into the effort and that’s because they absolutely love the power that it gives them. Holding your guy’s penis in your mouth as a woman is an empowering experience because you control his pleasure not to mention that fact that their ‘crown jewels’ as it were are in your choppy jaws and your teeth aren’t far away either!

Giving head is a wonderful way to express your adoration for your partner and that’s not to say that it should be confined just for those in a relationship. Certainly not! BJs as part of casual sex are intense, hedonistic and just plain dirty fun so what’s not to love?

Use our infographic below to brush up on some BJ tips and techniques and before you know it, you’ll be reaching for your guy’s zip… the anticipation is but a movement away!!

BJ Techniques