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Best Way toMasturbatefor Women

Those are just three reasons to crank things up for your party of one! While masturbation can be seen as a solo activity, there’s nothing to stop you adding masturbation into sex with your partner too; you just need to know what your partner likes and it can be o-so-much fun discovering! Our guide explains everything you need to know to get a “handle” on the best way to masturbate when you have a vagina!

Best Way to Masturbate - When You Have a Vagina!

Best Way to Masturbate - When You Have a Vagina

1. Set the Scene!

Create a place where you are 100% comfortable and where you’re sure you won’t be disturbed - this is something you don’t want to rush, you want to really enjoy it and embrace it. If you’re concerned about others knowing or walking in on your sesh’, you simply won’t be able to relax so tick that box and lock the door if you have to! Then if it’s something you’re into, light a candle, lower the lighting and play some music...anything to help you amp up the atmosphere ...for yourself!

Sex Lubes
2. Lube Things Up!

Maybe you think you don’t need lube but trust us, lube or any sex gel will make even a solo experience all the more comfortable. There are so many lubes you can try, even some tingle or warming lube so why not broaden the sensation horizons?!

3. Try Movement

If you use a sex toy to masturbate such as a clit’ stimulator, try moving the toy around in circular motions in the (vaginal lips) labia/clitoral general area. It will spread the vibrations and be immensely pleasurable and help to build up the sensation in waves.

Satisfyer Pro 2
4. Change Things Up!

Have you tried using your clit’ stimulator on other erogenous zones like your nipples or lower stomach area? Well if you haven’t done it yet, might we suggest incorporating it next time! The vibrations against sensitive areas like the nipples can feel so good when you’re in the mood so it’s worth a go! We suggest the Satisfyer Pro 2 for this “work” because believe us, if you haven’t tried this toy, you need it in your life!

A Happy Customer's Review of the Satisfyer Pro 2

You know how its possible to make a fire by rubbing sticks for ages? So it was for me to get an orgasm (rubbing for ages). Then just as the match sorted out time wasted on lighting fires so has the delivery of my Satisfyer sorted my orgasm needs. 20 minutes plus has become 1 minute (seriously) and rather than masturbation being for when I have plenty of time to spend on myself (once or twice a week) it is now something I can and do do whenever. So liberating and joyful.

Anal Sex Toys
5. Don’t Neglect Anal!

Sensations in the anal area are heightened due to wonderfully sensitive nerve endings located in the rectal passage so why not explore this area when you’ve got some well deserved “me time”. Begin by circling your anus with a well-lubed finger and slowly working it in, or try out a small anal plug to achieve the “full” feeling. Vibrating plugs are also available and they add more sensation versus static versions / your finger alone but it’s best for beginners to start with a small and static plug before progressing to bigger and/or vibrating anal toys.

Best Way to Masturbate - When You Have a Vagina

6. Use the Edging Technique!

Edging is when you tease yourself so you don’t race to achieve orgasm. Take time to explore all of your body, caressing each part and use your fingers or your vibrator to stimulate your clit’ or G-Spot but stop before you reach a climax. Repeat this motion until you can take no more… it might require restraint but we promise, it will be worth it!

Masturbation & Couples


As a couple, masturbation can be in a few formats: you could masturbate yourself in front of your partner, you could let them masturbate you, you could masturbate them or a mixture of all! Whatever way you choose, this will be a fantastic new dimension to your sex life.

Talk it through as a couple first before doing anything in front of them just so they aren’t taken by surprise. Explain what you have in mind, setting the scene so it sounds both enticing and exciting. You could for example, say that you want to put on “a show” for them, that you want to tease them and that you “allow” them to intervene… it will drive them crazy...in a good way!


You could also use some sex toys as part of couple’s masturbation so a vibe, a prostate massager if you’re in a hetero’ relationship, a bullet vibe, a love egg could all be good options and of course lots of lovely lube!

Masturbating as a couple will allow you to communicate physically what sensations and stimulations you like on your own body and of course, you’ll see what your partner responds best to so you can build it all into your greater foreplay sesh’!