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Best Way toMasturbate


On top of that, a 2009 Harvard study found that frequent ejaculation can help to ward off prostate cancer so... it’s all good with four fairly valid reasons to keep masturbation in your life! Furthermore, while jerking off can be seen as a solo activity, masturbation as part of sex with your partner can be fun too; you just need to see if they’re ok with it as part of foreplay! Our guide explains everything you need to know to get a “handle” on the best way to masturbate when you have a penis!

Best Way to Masturbate - When You Have a Penis!


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A UK survey from Superdrug indicated that 96% of men surveyed admitted to masturbating at least once a week so it’s clearly a popular activity but are you actually doing it right? Well if you climax, you’re obviously doing something right but what we mean is, could you be doing it better to really “master” your masturbation experience? Of course you can! To begin with, we do believe in terms of a perfect masturbation experience, you should think of the 3 P’s...patience, practice and privacy!


Get to Know Your Penis

The “Traditional” One-Handed Method

For the most part, men masturbate using their dominant hand. It’s one of the easiest to “perform” on yourself, whether you’re a rookie or not. It definitely doesn’t require special skills but there is a certain way to do it if you want it to feel amazing:

  • Maintain a firm yet gentle hold on your penis. You can adjust the strength of your grip as you go to know what feels best to you.
  • To make things more comfortable, add a generous amount of lubricant into proceedings either on your hand or directly onto the penis before you begin. Silicone or water based lube is fine.
  • Following a smooth rhythm, move your hand up and down the shaft of your penis at a speed that suits you. Don’t be afraid to increase your speed or slow it down while you’re masturbating.
  • Experimentation comes by varying your hand positions/placements, adjusting your grip pressures, and alternating your speeds; this will help to keep things interesting.
  • Top Tip! Gently peel back the skin on your penis so that jerking off includes the penis head in the fun. Most of the nerve endings are found in the head of the penis so this will definitely feel different...in a good way! This is ideal if you need a quick fix as you will likely climax faster... though we do always try to recommend not to rush these things but needs must at certain times! ;-)

The Two-Handed Maestro

The Two-Handed Maestro

Using both of your hands to masturbate is another option, if your penis is of a sufficient size. It doesn’t give a huge variant in sensation from the one handed method but it will add a little something extra once you get used to it.

  • Once again, add a generous amount of lube before you get started.
  • Place your hands side-by-side on the shaft, grabbing your penis and squeezing until it feels tight enough to resemble a vagina / anus while keeping the hold loose enough to freely move your hands up and down.
  • Stroke your penis shaft up and down at whatever speed you’re comfortable using. Squeeze a little tighter at the penis tip just to give it more pleasure, since that’s where the treasure trove of nerve endings reside.
  • Once you’re more experienced at the two-handed method, try incorporating a circular motion as you move your hands up and down; this mimics real-life sex and you’ll be breathless from the sensation.
  • Again, once you have some skill built up with the two hander, try pumping the shaft in two different directions… of course it does depends on the length you’re playing with!

Switch Hands

Switch Hands

By using your non dominant hand to masturbate you can achieve different sensations that could lead to an amazingly intense ejaculation. Another option is to “subdue” one of your hands by sitting on it until it “falls asleep” and then using it to simulate the feeling of another person giving you a hand job. What’s not to love about that?!

We also like the feeling of holding the penis against the stomach and stroking the underside of the shaft quickly with a non dominant hand. Simple but effective!

Focusing on Other Parts

Focusing on Other Parts

Don’t forget the other parts of your genitals when it comes to enjoying a masturbation sesh’ so why not incorporate some love, touch and adoration to your testicles and perineum? Your balls, for example, have nearly as many nerve endings as your penis so if you want an intensified climax, try gently pulling down on those jewels just before you climax. Some guys enjoy nipple stimulation and use it to ramp up their pleasure so if this is something you enjoy, run one of your hands up your torso during your masturbation and tweak/caress your nipples...it won’t be for everyone but worth trying to find out!

Focusing on Other Parts

Don’t Forget the Bum!

Don’t Forget the Bum!

Massaging the “male G-spot” — more biologically referred to as the prostate will give you an intense, full-body self pleasure session. Add some high-quality lube to your finger, slowly insert it into your anal opening, rubbing the outer rim firstly and then gradually work your way inside to massage the prostate. You’ll know it’s the prostate because you’ll feel a little rough lump around three inches inside your rectum and up towards the root of your penis. Increase the speed and motion of your finger as the pleasure begins to build until you’re ready to finish.

Increase the Intensity!

We love the teachings and musings of The Orgasmic Guy and we particularly adore his masturbation techniques. One which really caught our imagination is the “Kneeling Orgasm Technique”. Basically what it recommends is:

  • Get yourself aroused and continue to pleasure yourself using lube as you go.
  • Relax the anus and kegels muscles and also the muscles at the base of your penis.
  • Find a comfortable place to kneel (use a cushion as you might be at this for a while!).
  • Position yourself so that your knees are spread.
  • Rest your bum cheeks against your heels.
  • Tip your heels out slightly thus spreading apart the cheeks a little further.
  • Again focus on relaxing those kegel and anus muscles and continue stroking your penis.
  • Once you have those relaxed and feel ready, you should jerk off at your comfortable speed towards orgasm.
  • Voilá - intense orgasm!

Add in Adult Toys!

Porn’ has been a go-to stimulator to use while masturbating for many years now and prior to online porn’, it was adult magazines. But what about using other external aids such as adult toys to heighten your solo play or to help with the “job”?

 Add in Adult Toys

A good sex toy can give you extreme pleasure without forcing you to get your hands dirty. Eye-watering orgasms today require little more than a few batteries or an electrical outlet to get you going.

Male Masturbators
Male Masturbators

A male masturbator or wanking machine does what it describes! These toys are generally inexpensive and come in many different formats that resemble an orifice like a vagina, an anus, a mouth so they make the experience feel nicely lifelike. Vibrating options are also available and these male masturbators come in a variety of sizes (some such as “pocket pussies” are very compact) and are generally easy to use toys which can really enhance a pleasure session. Our guide will explain everything you need to know about using one for jerking off!

We also have a masturbation sex toy bundle which is a greater starter kit.

Prostate Massagers/Stimulators
Prostate Massagers/Stimulators

We have already outlined why you shouldn’t forget your bum in all this masturbation fun but if self-stimulation of the prostate via your fingers (or a partner’s fingers) isn’t an option, there is of course, a sex toy for that very job! Prostate massagers or stimulators come in static and vibrating versions and are ergonomically designed to fit the male anal passage, reaching the “P-spot” (the prostate) perfectly. Read our prostate massaging guide for more on using these toys!

Blowjob Simulator
Blowjob Simulator

As the name suggests, a blow job simulator creates a sensation on your penis glans that resembles an actual BJ! And depending on your experience of BJs, it might surpass the real thing! ;-) This particular simulator is an attachment which can be added to a magic wand massager vibrator and are usually inexpensive so a great one for your treasure trove!

Masturbation & Couples

Masturbation & Couples

For couples, masturbation can be in a few ways: masturbating yourself in front of your partner, them masturbating you, you could masturbate them or even better, a mixture of all! Whatever you choose will be an amazing new dimension to your sex life and can inject sensational intimacy.

Discuss the topic of masturbation as a couple first before doing it in front of your partner so they aren’t taken by surprise and are 100% comfortable with it. Explain what you have in mind, enticing them by setting the scene so it sounds exciting. Maybe suggest that your wish is to put on “a show” for them, to tease them and that they can intervene if they wish… if that doesn’t drive them crazy...nothing will!

Masturbation & Couples

You could also use some sex toys as part of couple’s masturbation so a prostate massager or a vibe or perhaps a cock ring, an anal plug (or a combination of both like this beauty) or vibrating anal beads ...plenty of exciting options and don’t forget to include lots of lovely lube!

Masturbating as a couple will allow you to communicate physically and intinately those sensations and stimulations you like on your own body and of course, you’ll see what your partner responds best to so you can build it all into your greater foreplay arsenal!

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