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Best Sex Toys2017

What are the best sex toys of 2017? What are the latest sex toys on the market? What new sex toys do you have? These are questions we get asked all the time here at Carvaka!

Obviously there is no one best sex toy but we thought it might be a good idea to list what we think are a selection of the best sex toys on the market in 2017. Some are new sex toys and others have been with us for a while but we couldn’t leave them out because we love them so much!

Best Sex Toys for Women

Satisfyer Pro 2

If you have used the Satisfyer Pro 2, then you know that it is a game-changer. Reviews like the one that follows are the norm when ladies use this for the first time - honestly.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review Satisfyer Pro 2 Review

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has brought clitoral stimulation to a new level. The cap at the top of the toy surrounds and encases the clitoris and once turned on begins to create a sucking sensation. With 11 different modes and intensities on offer, most women don’t last very long at all before crumbling into a toe clenching orgasm. So if you are looking to come harder than ever before in 2017, the Satisfyer Pro 2 will not let you down!

Doxy Wand Massager

The Doxy has been around for a while now but we still felt we had to include it in our list as it remains one of our most popular products with consistently positive reviews. For women who enjoy a powerful, strong vibrator, this really is the best in the business. It is mains powered and when turned up full has more power than you can handle. While it can be used all over the body and even internally when you add some attachments, the main event really is when the vibrating power of the Doxy meets the clitoris. Once it does, the sensation overload is overwhelming and it takes all your focus to just hold on until the pleasure takes over and you break into a shuddering climax. Because of the strength of the orgasm, Doxies are often prescribed by sex therapists to women struggling to climax. In this way, it can be thought of as an orgasm machine!

Realov Irena I Smartphone Controlled Bluetooth Mini Vibrator

OK, it is 2017 so we couldn’t let our list go without including something a little but cutting edge - this app powered vibe certainly is that. As the name suggests, this vibe can be paired with your smartphone to allow some pretty spectacular hands-free fun. Once paired, the vibrator is controlled via the app. One of the settings allows the intensity to be controlled with your voice; the louder you shout, the more intense the vibrator becomes. You can create your own custom vibration patterns or why not pass your phone to your partner and let him/her take charge of your pleasure session. Or maybe insert the toy while out and about; no one will suspect a thing as you casually tap on your phone! If all that wasn’t enough, this vibe doubles up as a kegel training device to really tone those pelvic floor muscles. So if you are looking to tighten your PC muscles or have great orgasms, this toy is a must this year!

Best Sex Toys for Men

Blowjob Simulator Wand Attachment

OK, at first glance this little toy doesn’t look like very much. However, when lubed up and placed on the tip of the penis and the vibration massage turns on, you will understand why we couldn’t omit it from our list. We don’t mean to be unkind to your partner here but this makes the best blowjob you’ve ever had feel like being hit over the head with an old shoe by comparison. The nodules deliver their vibrating kiss to every single part of the tip of your penis simultaneously. As you turn up the intensity of the wand, you start to realise that the session won’t last all that long as you won’t be able to contain yourself as the pleasure becomes too much. So if you are looking to experience the best oral sex of your life in 2017, look no further.

Anal Pleasure 7 Mode Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

Anal Pleasure 7 Mode Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

So we’ve all heard of the G-Spot right? Well 2017 is the year you find your P-Spot. The P-Spot is the male answer to a lady’s G-Spot and when stimulated will leave you wondering why you neglected this pleasure spot until now. This little toy is specifically designed to seek out and deliver a sensual massage to the prostate and is conveniently operated by a remote control. If you are really looking to move into truly uncharted levels of pleasure, how about massaging your P-Spot with a prostate stimulator while a blowjob simulator goes to work on your penis. Just make sure there is no one else in the house as you will most likely scream the house down when the level of your orgams gets amplified a few hundred percent!

Fuck Me Bare Sublime Pussy & Ass Male Masturbator

Fuck Me Bare Sublime Pussy & Ass Male Masturbator

OK guys, sometimes you want to just give a succulent vagina a right good seeing to, right? Or maybe you want to turn her around and ram her doggy-style up the bum? We hear you! That’s why we added the ultra realistic pussy and ass male masturbator. It really needs to be experienced to be believed just how realistic and good this toy feels. Once your penis sinks into the vagina or ass, you will start to wonder where this has been all your life. Come as quickly as you like with no complaining or work to do - win/win.

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Lesbian Ladies: Lealso Luxury USB Rechargeable Double Ended Vibrator

If you enjoy lesbian sex, you need this toy. The double ended vibrator is made from a luxurious silicone so that it slides lusciously into both partners simultaneously. But unlike your regular double ended dildo, this one vibrates so there is no need for thrusting. You can both just sit face to face and kiss as the vibrator massages both g-spots simultaneously. Look deep into your partner’s eyes as she comes hard while you squeeze her breasts and kiss her neck - ok, we’re getting a bit excited here but you get the idea! This is a must for all lesbian lovers in 2017.

Gay Men: 4 Inch Butt Plug With Attached Cock Ring

Gay Men: 4 Inch Butt Plug With Attached Cock Ring

One of the things that gay men typically understand far better than straight men is the joy of prostate massaging. Most straight men (not all of course) don’t think beyond their penis when masturbating or having sex. Gay men however tend to know where their P-Spot (and that of their partner) is! So while penetrating your partner and massaging his P-Spot with your penis, your prostate isn’t getting any loving :-( That’s where this toy comes in! The cock ring slides on over the penis keeping it rock hard during sex and delays climax so your partner will be very happy. The attached butt plug slips inside you and so as you penetrate and thrust into your partner, your P-Spot is getting some nice stimulation. We recommend putting this cock ring / butt plug on, lay your partner on his back and penetrate him; consider putting a cushion under his bum for ease of access. Now thrust in and out as you masturbate his penis. You can both keep going in this position to full climax and when either of you orgasm, it will be spectacular as both you and your partner’s P-Spot and penis are all being stimulated. Win / Win / Win / Win! That’ why we love this toy and had to include it in our 2017 list.

Straight Couples: Clitoral Stimulating Rechargeable Horny Cock Ring

Straight Couples: Clitoral Stimulating Rechargeable Horny Cock Ring

Vibrating cock rings really are win/win. For the guy, the vibrations are felt around the scrotum and base of the penis area and this makes for a thoroughly pleasurable massage even before you go near your partner. Once penetrating your partner in missionary position, the penis now in effect becomes a rabbit vibrator with the shaft going to work on the g-spot so let’s just say the lady is very happy! For the guy, the cock ring keeps the penis hard and the vibration is pleasant throughout the session. At the point of orgasm, the semen is slightly restricted in exiting the penis and so has to push a little harder to get out creating a more intense climax. This toy had to be included in our list as is inexpensive but will add a new dimension to sex play for both partners.

So there you have it; that’s our list of best sex toys of 2017. We hope you enjoy some or all of them this year and bring your sex life and masturbation sessions to a whole new level. Happy orgasms!