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Ben Wa Balls / Jiggle Balls, Love Balls, Kegel Balls & Weights

With all of the different names for these products, it can get a little confusing! The terms "ben wa balls" "jiggle balls" "love balls" "orgasm balls" "kegel balls" "kegel weights" are all pretty much used interchangeably. While the products in this category vary in shape and size, they all are designed to be inserted in order to arouse but also as a means of strengthening pelvic floor muscles. When inserted, ben wa balls / jiggle balls or Geisha Balls (whatever you like to call them :-) ), move around and cause a pleasant sense of arousal; the movement also prompts your pelvic floor muscles into action to grip the balls and so you are in effect giving these muscles a workout at the same time. They can be left in all day while at work, travelling, on a night out, wherever you go really! The sense of arousal can build all day until you find somewhere more private to work to a full climax! For those who want to take their pelvic floor training to the next level, we also stock some more advanced pelvic training devices. The Leten 3 Piece Pelvic Exercise Balls allow you to progress through 3 different kegel weights as your pelvic floor muscles become increasingly stronger. For those who want to become pelvic floor champions, we have the GBalls 2 from GVibe. This amazing app controlled pelvic training device offers 6 different pelvic floor muscles training courses and awards you success badges as you complete each course. So if you want to really get those pelvic floor muscles in shape and have some fun while you're doing it, you will love our range!

Explore New Levels of Pleasure with our Ben Wa / Jiggle Ball Range

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