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Anal Lube

The anus isn’t a self lubricating area so for comfortable anal play, lube is an absolute must. Stock up with the best anal lubricant from our wide range that is certain to make the experience friction free and comfortable, letting you really enjoy your anal play. Anal lube needs to be a thicker consistency than regular lubes and all our selection is of high quality. So get browsing our range to get the best anal lube for anal sex!

Explore New Levels of Pleasure with Carvaka’s Anal Lube Collection

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  1. 100ml Edible Water-based Lubricant
  2. Durex Play Tingle 50ml
  3. Durex Play Feel 50ml
  4. ID Glide Water Based Lubricant 130ml
  5. Durex Play Massage Soothing 2in1 (Aloe Vera) 200ml
  6. Durex Play Warming 50ml
  7. Durex Play Cheeky Cherry 50ml
  8. durex-play-saucy-strawberry-50ml
  9. Durex Play Massage Stimulating 2in1 (Guarana) 200ml
  10. Durex Play Aloe Vera 50ml
  11. Durex Play Perfect Glide (Silicone) 50ml
  12. Durex Play Massage Sensual 2in1 (Ylang Ylang) 200ml
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